92 nursing homes suffer from coronavirus epidemics in just 24 hours


The shocking magnitude of the dangers facing residents and staff of British retirement homes has been exposed today.

Concerns continued to be expressed about the safety of vulnerable residents in nursing homes and nursing homes as the coronavirus epidemic tears the fabric of the country apart.

A nursing home in Liverpool, Oak Springs, Wavertree, has already seen the deaths of 10 residents after an epidemic of Covid-19.

And answering a question about the situation across the country at today’s press conference in Downing Street, chief medical officer Chris Whitty revealed the extent of the growing threat.

He said epidemics had been detected in 92 nursing homes in the UK in the past 24 hours.

He added that around 13.5% of all nursing homes in the UK (11,300) have at least one case of Covid-19.

Mr. Whitty said the staff did “very hard work” for the residents.

It is already known that almost 100 residents died from the coronavirus, but the true statistics are unknown because the daily figures published by Public Health England relate only to deaths in NHS hospitals.

There are fears that a large number of deaths in nursing homes will be registered.

A staff member outside the Oak Springs nursing home in Wavertree, Liverpool, where 10 residents died

Care England, the industry body, said an estimated 1,000 residents could have died from Covid-19 – with even more “unregistered” deaths swept under the carpet.

Responding to today’s news, Liz Kendall, MP, Shadow Minister of Labor for Social Services, said: ” Today’s press conference revealed the growing crisis in our nursing homes due to the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus last

“Ministers must publish daily numbers of deaths in nursing homes so that we know the true extent of the problem and its speed of spread. They must also ensure that social services have the resources they need and that PPE and essential tests reach social workers on the front line. “

ECHO followed the problems with nursing homes during this crisis, with staff revealing their fears of a lack of protective equipment, which means they fear infecting vulnerable residents.

The government has been asked to develop a comprehensive strategy on how to prevent large numbers of deaths in nursing homes.


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