90 Day Fiance stars Michael and Juliana are in quarantine with ex-wife Sarah and husband (exclusive)


90 days engaged Season 7 couple Michael and Juliana are closer than ever to ex-wife Sarah.

ET chatted with the two on Wednesday via video chat, and they shared that they were quarantined in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic with Sarah and her new husband, Sean, and, of course, the two children of Michael and Sarah , Max and CeCe. During their 90 days engaged traveling, Juliana – a 23-year-old Brazilian model who moved to Connecticut to be with Michael, 42 – has surprisingly become very close to Sarah, even calling her “best friend”. Sarah then officiated the marriage of Michael and Juliana.

Michael explained to Lauren Zima of ET why their unconventional quarantine configuration worked for them. Sarah and Sean often stay in a guest room with him and Juliana to be close to Max and CeCe.

“We are safe and healthy, and it is more important than anything else,” says Michael. “I think we feel lucky that we are all together. We sort of naturally adopted this game plan of “getting through.” “We also enjoy each other’s company … It just became a big sort of new Brady Bunch family that we have. ”

Juliana has no problem with the situation, and said that she and Sarah even went out of the house and into the woods together when they were both annoyed by their respective spouses. Meanwhile, Michael shares how he and Sarah were able to completely evolve and accept each other’s new relationships, noting that just because their marriage didn’t work didn’t mean they lost their love. for the other.

“These are just four of the good people who meet at the right time,” he says of himself and his ex-wife and their new spouses. “We accept all people who have seen a lot of different things in life, a lot of different experiences. We all have a lot of empathy. “

Juliana and Michael say that Max and Cece love this close arrangement. As for the couple who have their own children together, they say they want to expand their family, although they have no immediate plans or timetable. Meanwhile, Sarah is everything to Juliana and Michael having children together.

“Sarah would love to have a baby because she would also feel very maternal,” says Micheal. “Before Juliana even came here, Sarah was talking about it like,” I hope you are considering having a baby, because I would love to feel that maternal side in some way. “She doesn’t want to have kids anymore and Max and CeCe are great, but you know. ”

Michael and Juliana say their quarantine agreements with Sarah and Sean will be announced at the next TLC spin-off, 90-day engaged: self-quarantine, which will debut on Monday April 20 at 9 p.m. ET / PT on TLC. They are two of more than 40 cast members in the series’s six-year story who will give updates on their lives amid the coronavirus pandemic. Michael says he was certainly personally affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, not only when it came to closing the Max and Cece schools, but when it came to his wine business.

“I am extremely worried,” he admits. “But I feel like I’m in the same boat as so many people in the rest of the world. “

But Juliana and Michael say they certainly don’t mind spending as much time together while socially distancing themselves, and seem more in love than ever.

“Well, if I can be romantic, we’re supposed to be together,” says Michael. “Once she finally arrived, it was like, wow, it’s so nice to be able to wake up in the same bed, eat together, go to sleep together, like a wonderful loving couple – not the night flight, globetrotting stuff. It was such a relief, you know? So now, in fact, it has been … look at us, we are happy, we love, we love to be with each other. ”

ET also recently spoke to 90 days engaged Darcey, the fan favorite – who plays in the current season 90 days engaged: before 90 days, which airs Sunday on TLC – and gave fans advice on long-distance dating during the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the video below to find out more:


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