84-year-old woman “forced to eat in the trash to survive” after food delivery was snatched from her


A London retiree was trapped in his home and starved after his food delivery was stolen by an “insensitive individual,” police said.

The 84-year-old victim, named Elizabeth only, lives in Feltham, west London, with no family or friends nearby. Forced to fend for herself, she ordered vital supplies online.

However, she was unable to receive her childbirth after accidentally locking herself in her house with no way to leave.

“A ruthless person took advantage of the situation and stole food from the pensioner’s front door, leaving nothing behind,” police said in a Facebook message.

Officers were called in to rescue Elizabeth after learning that she had been “imprisoned at home” and “that she was unable to recover her only food”.

Upon arrival, PCs Matt Hodges and Pat Peltier saw that the 84-year-old refrigerator contained “literally no food” and heard that she had used food in the trash to survive.

The pair immediately decamped from local stores to buy food, drink, toiletries and other key items to keep them comfortable, the statement added.

He concluded: “This is a remarkable example of the length of our agents, to protect local residents during this very difficult time. “


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