84-year-old woman forced to eat in bin after being trapped is rescued by police | UK News


An elderly woman forced to eat in her trash was rescued by police after being trapped in her home and her food delivery was stolen.

Elizabeth, 84, of Feltham, in west London, accidentally locked herself in her home.

The pensioner, who has no friends or family nearby, found herself stuck on her property with no way to leave.

The woman had managed to obtain a delivery of food online but was unable to open her door to retrieve her emergency food supply.

While trapped inside, the police said that “a callous person took advantage of the situation and stole food from the pensioner’s front door, leaving her with nothing.”

Metropolitan police officers Matt Hodge and Pat Peltier learned of Elizabeth’s situation and managed to enter the house.

The pair found their refrigerator empty, Elizabeth told them they had to eat in their trash to survive.

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The officers bought him food, drink and toiletries from nearby stores to ensure his well-being, before putting in place measures to prevent the problems encountered by the pensioner from recurring.

A Met police spokesperson, who shared the story on the force’s Facebook page, said the woman had been “overwhelmed by the officer’s selflessness and generosity and thanked them for their help “.

They added, “This is a remarkable example of the length of our agents, to protect local residents during this very difficult time.

“Well done Matt Hodge and Pat Peltier! “


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