8 infamous football fights – 15 years after Kieron Dyer’s incredible fall against Lee Bowyer


Fifteen years ago today, Newcastle teammates Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer stopped leading the fight at Aston Villa and instead started trading shots.

With their three goals aside and a man in the 80th minute at St James ‘Park, Newcastle manager Graeme Souness must have thought his day could not get worse.

How wrong Toon’s boss was.

Dyer and Bowyer exchanged blows and had to be separated by their teammates and their opponents.

The two men were kicked out and Bowyer left the field with his shirt visibly torn.

To mark the occasion, we have selected eight other incredible football fights …

Valencia vs Inter Milan

Hell is unleashed at Mestalla

A mass fight erupted in Mestalla after Valencia secured their place in the Champions League quarter-final.

Carlos Marchena kicked Inter’s Nicolas Burdisso after the final whistle, causing total carnage.

Argentinian international Burdisso found himself with a broken nose after being struck by David Navarro – sentenced to a seven-month ban by FIFA – who had run on the pitch before fleeing through the tunnel.

Inter boss Roberto Mancini nicknamed Navarro “a coward” for his act.

“There’s nothing else to say about someone who punches like that and runs away. “

Diego Maradona vs Athletic Bilbao

Kicks everywhere!

After being abused throughout the Copa del Rey final in 1984, Barcelona’s Maradona took over the law.

The flying kicks seemed to be the other of the day, with Miguel Sola and Andoni Goikoetxea at the forefront of the Athletic.

David Batty vs. Graeme Le Saux

Tim Sherwood steps in to prevent Graeme Le Saux (l) and David Batty from fighting

The wildest moment in Blackburn’s terrible campaign in the Champions League in 1995/96 saw Batty and Le Saux fight against Spartak Moscow.

Le Saux punched his teammate in the midfield after being reprimanded for giving a throw-in.

Oleg Romantsev, Spartak coach, said: “Before the match, I told my players that they will be playing against 11 guys who are ready to fight each other for 90 minutes – not with each other. “

Chile vs Italy

It was not the smallest of matches, certainly

The Battle of Santiago.

Labeled “stupid, appalling, disgusting and shameful” by BBC commentator David Coleman, it required four interventions by the Chilean police.

Two players were kicked out and numerous punches were thrown in an astonishing display of violence.

Joey Barton vs Manchester City

Joey Barton of QPR causes a crash after receiving the red card

After receiving a red card for nudging Carlos Tevez, Barton desperately tried to bring a City player or two with him.

QPR midfielder then kneeled Sergio Aguero on the leg and attempted to head Vincent Kompany before disappearing into the tunnel.

Immediately after the match, as City celebrated its first Premier League title, Barton went on social media: “People forget that Tevez started the din by punching his head.

“I can only apologize to the players and the fans. I still don’t think it’s a shipment.

“The head never disappeared at any time, after being kicked out, one of our players suggested that I try to take one of theirs with me. “

“It never worked but God loves a judge. “

Manchester United vs Arsenal

Arsenal actually won the game 1-0 – not that anyone really remembers

The stitching of Ruud van Nistelrooy by Martin Keown had nothing to do with it.

The two clubs were deducted from the points after a scrimmage of 21 players which, remarkably, resulted in yellow cards for only Anders Limpar and Nigel Winterburn.

Both sides fined players privately, with Arsenal fining five players from the first team, as well as boss George Graham, tied up £ 9,000.

“Arsenal’s name has been defiled and that is why I took this action,” said President Peter Hill-Wood.

Delio Rossi vs Adem Ljajic

Scenes on the Viola bench

Man rule # 1: don’t hit your own players.

Rossi decided to ignore this advice while in charge of Fiorentina, jumping into the shelter to hit Ljajic after the midfielder sarcastically applauded his substitution.

Rossi was sacked after the match.

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Potiguar vs Baraunas

EIGHT red cards

Regular viewers of the Rio Grande do Norte State Championship (is there such a thing?) Know that temperaments tend to get carried away between Potiguar and Baraunas.

Despite this, the two Brazilian teams took things to a new level in 2008, when a wild fight led to eight red cards. EIGHT!

Even the riot police fought to stop him.


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