6 things we learned from Avengers: Endgame


Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame.


The Russo brothers Avengers: Endgame the quarantine party produced an incredible amount of backstage gifts. In one of the unique sequences, they tweeted as Brie Larson said hello to fellow superhero Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) on her first day as Captain Marvel.

” It was @brielarsonis Captain Marvel’s first day… And here is a little video of his salvation for the first time at the casting, ” the Russo brothers tweeted Monday.

Larson filmed his Endgame scenes before Captain marvel, posing the unique challenge of representing a fleshed-out superhero before going through his story of formative origin.

Aside from that moment, the Russos dropped several Easter eggs, some of which we already knew – like community cameos – as well as never-before-seen images captured by the Russos’ personal cameras.

See six of the best details below, as well as sweeter times to get out of the watch party.

1. Chris Evans knew that handling Mjolnir would be epic

The Russos gave us a little glimpse of Chris Evans’s reaction to learning that Cap would wield Thor’s hammer – and that was before the scene finally blew everyone’s mind apart.

“It was early in development when we let him know he was going to pick up the hammer … needless to say, he was excited. “

2. Captain America could have embodied the soul stone

At one point, the Russos launched the idea of ​​making Cap the soul stone. “At the start of the development talks, we considered making Cap the stone of the soul … But that idea fell pretty quickly. “

Replacing the Soul Stone with Captain America would likely have seen Cap sacrifice to defeat Thanos. His loss, along with that of Iron Man, may have been too much for some to handle. Although others expected more heroes to bite the dust in the saga-ender anyway.

3. The resumption of the Winter Soldier elevator scene was much easier the second time around.

The Hail Hydra elevator scene went much better the second time for Captain America – and the Russos. In The Winter Soldier, Cap loses the tesseract, aka the space stone ship, to Hydra agents. In Endgame, Cap, having traveled back in time, makes them believe that he also salutes Hydra and sneakily struts around with the tesseract.

“We shot the original Winter Soldier elevator scene in 4 days,” said the Russos. About the Endgame scene, they said, “This scene took about 3 hours … talking is easier to film than fighting …”

4. The original Hulk and the Smart Hulk are one

We don’t see the process by which Bruce Banner’s Hulk takes the Smart Hulk fixed state. “Does the original Hulk personality still live in Smart Hulk or has he left now?” @Joshtwitch asked the Russos.

Clarifying what happened to the nasty green machine we used to know, the Russos replied, “The personality that exists now is a new entity … it’s a merger of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. “

5. Old Captain America’s antics off camera are a sight to behold

The Russo brothers clearly kept their own personal collection of behind-the-scenes clips for a rainy day.

One of the best in the peloton involves Chris Evans messing around in the Old Captain America costume – a unique look from athletic seniors.

6. Robert Downey Jr.’s last scene was “I am Iron Man”

While we knew that the scene in which Iron Man snapped his fingers and defeated Thanos was the final scene from Downey Jr., we see here the second time that this scene was shot.

Iron Man initially didn’t say anything when he dusted Thanos, but after editor Jeff Ford suggested the cool line to complete Iron Man, the cast and crew got together to shoot the scene again, with the added line.

The Russos imply that their images of Downey Jr.’s last day on set are that day, he re-shot his final scene.

More from the watch party

The Russos released a series of behind-the-scenes photos of the cast and small pieces on the set.

Here’s one of those pretty casting photos.

And here’s a clip from Evans’s last day of shooting where he had to say goodbye to Cap after a decade of defining “America’s Ass”.

In this much lighter clip, Downey Jr. gives his carefully thought-out assessment of a scene starring him and Chris Evans: “Naaailed it! He said before finishing filming in New York.

“Here we are about to shoot an Asgard scene at the majestic Durham Cathedral. We had to wait until the rehearsal for the choir was over… ”, the Russos tweeted.

“Here are some BTS from Joe’s iPhone, browsing and planning some of Hawkeye’s time travel plans. “

Here we have an unrecognizable downtown Atlanta posing as Tokyo for filming.

The kids who ask for the Hulk’s autograph are really members of the Russos family (a cute but already known Easter egg).


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