5G does not cause the coronavirus pandemic


As if the coronavirus epidemic was not devastating enough, a lot of fake news is spreading on social media. In the past month or so, people have claimed that 5G causes disease worldwide.

There are many variations on this topic, but most mistakenly claim that this is not a virus, but the impact of exposure to the new 5G signals.

From WhatsApp messages and Facebook posts to sermons even online, people fall in love with these plot arguments and share them with their friends.

Is 5G related to coronavirus?

A particular YouTube video, allegedly created by a former Vodafone boss, claims that 5G is causing cell poisoning.

The anonymous video claims (and this quote, accompanied by typos, is taken from the description of the video) ” Our cells try to eliminate this poisoning by excreting RNA / DNA proteins called viruses. These excreted fluids eventually leave our body through the nose / mouth. ”

“It is therefore not the corona virus at the origin of this pandemic but the radiation of satellites, towers and 5G cells which were deployed a year and a half ago in Wuhan, than Spain and Italy, etc …

To be clear, this is pure fantasy.

5G cannot generate viruses

Whatever the risks of 5G, a cellular reaction, poisoning or other, does not lead to the generation of a virus or any other form of infectious agent.

The claims have also been handled by the UK Full Fact fact-finding agency.

5G, like 4G, 3G and all previous generations of mobile phone technology, uses radio waves for communication. And the higher the frequency, the more difficult it is for these waves to penetrate objects.

This is exactly why the 5 GHz signal from your home router does not reach the 2.4 GHz signal in your home: it is less effective at penetrating walls, windows and other obstacles.

5G uses a mixture of frequencies, either below 6 GHz or in the case of mmWave, up to around 60 GHz. There is hardly any deployment of mmWave yet, even in big cities, and in any case the higher frequencies are even less effective in penetrating the body tissues.

For those waves that do, they cause a small temperature rise where the waves have had an effect. This is precisely how microwaves are able to heat food.

5G is not the source of the coronavirus and the coronavirus is not a concealment of the effects of 5G signals.

If you read articles on social media that deny COVID-19 is a virus, consider it fake news and don’t share it with your friends.

False claims are just one of the things to watch out for: there are also many coronavirus scams that could cost you dearly.


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