50 million pints of beer and cider to pour down the drain due to foreclosure


More than 50 million pints of beer and cider were poured into the sewers after the forced closure of pubs during the coronavirus crisis.

While the foreclosure is expected to continue for some time, the Campaign for Real Beer (CAMRA) says homeowners may be forced to throw away valuable stocks.

CEO Tom Stainer told the BBC: “It is a very sad waste of all the work and talent that goes into making great beer.

“People will not be able to drink it and all these resources have been used for nothing. “

Most lagers have a shelf life of around three to four months, but craft beers and real beers often last much less.

Owners face grief at throwing away their stock

Stainer estimates that of the 39,000 pubs in the UK, each with about 15 barrels containing 88 pints, about 51 million pints are at risk.

Efforts have been made to find another way to distribute alcoholic beverages, with an initiative called Pub2Me that attempts to get customers to pick up drinks.

But Keris De Villiers, owner of the Ram Inn in Wandsworth, London, told the BBC that for his business it would not be “socially responsible” because it would force people to line up on narrow sidewalks.

Ads had to close during the lockout

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Coronavirus epidemic

She said, “We could do takeout, but that would mean selling beer at the corner of a very small sidewalk. “

In order to avoid paying duty on the lost beer, owners will have to videotape themselves by pouring it to prove that they did not profit.


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