50 cents says he would choose 6ix9ine over his son Marquise


50 Cent has never refrained from expressing his feelings about his tumultuous relationship with his eldest son Marquise on social media. Now he brings 6ix9ine into the mix.

Images of Fif jumping on his Instagram Live surfaced earlier today (April 8), in which he revealed he would choose Tekashi over his biological son. While the rapper was interacting with his fans on the app, someone asked him if he had “seen his son before?” ” The question likely refers to Tekashi’s early release from prison due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“No, I haven’t heard from 6ix9ine,” replied 50. “He is his mother’s child now. He spoke to everyone. It is better than Marquise, however. I’ll take it before I take my real one … fuck this nigga. “

Subsequently, the son of the founder of the G-Unit heard of his father’s comments and replied on his personal story on Instagram.

“I’m not lucky enough to jump into the most gangster live, but everyone has tagged me in it. Here it goes here, let’s see what he said, “says Marquise, before replaying a recording of the Instagram Live video from the 1950s.

After the clip ended, the rapper’s eldest son weighed in on his father’s comments, later calling 6ix9ine a “rat.”

“Did he just say he would ask for a rat?” Asked Marquise. “Aw nah, I don’t want chunks of that cheese you eat over there, fat guy. I don’t know what you did. I don’t know what you did there. It’s another shit. “

This is not the first time that 50 people have made harsh comments about her son on social media. In June 2019, the rapper reportedly claimed that Marquise was not her child after playing at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the Master of Ceremony concert.

Marquise attended the show and shared a recording of himself at the event on social media. Someone asked 50 people in Instagram comments, asking why he hadn’t given his son a backstage pass, instead of having him “in the crowd like ordinary people.”

The rapper replied, “I did a blood test that my son is not fucking here. “

50 and her son’s strained relationship has been posted publicly in recent years.

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