50 cents insult Cuban Link’s kitchen and she takes revenge and films her – Find out how Cuban Link taught her a lesson!


The rapper is used to starting the drama with people on social networks because it seems to be his favorite pastime at this point! However, 50 Cent has learned that he cannot disseminate his own girlfriend as he does his enemies online.

Well, he can, and he did, but he had a bad time as a result, so I hope he learned from this.

In quarantine with his significant other, Cuban Link, 50 Cent has dissipated his cooking skills!

As a result, he was locked out of the room, forced to sleep on the sofa instead!

Cuban used social media to share a number of short clips in which she took revenge on her outspoken boyfriend.

In the legend, she wrote: “.. its a ** is not that hard behind the door. “

The first clip shows Cuban getting down from his bed and approaching the closed door, behind which was his rapping boyfriend.

” What do you want? She asks coldly.

“I want you to open the door,” he says.

“Oh, now you want to come to bed in the bed?” You sleep on the couch [after how] you talk about my kitchen, said the upset girlfriend.

In the last clip, he manages to make his way after begging her: “You’re being tippin”, come on. I don’t want to be on the couch. “

She may have finally opened the bedroom door, but Cuban was trying to teach her a lesson and it looks like it could have worked.

You don’t talk bad about your girlfriend’s kitchen, especially if you’re both stuck in quarantine!

It would not end well and these are just bad vibrations all around!

She might have given him a chance, as the last clip she posted shows, but it’s safe to say that he won’t be as lucky the next time he makes a mistake like that!

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