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50 Cent offers an enigmatic answer to Ja Rule challenging him to IG Battle


Ja Rule recently said he was ready to fight 50 Cent on IG Live, but Fif’s response left fans wondering if he would accept the challenge.

Are we going to see a real battle between 50 Cent and Ja Rule? The long-standing feud between these two is a hip hop beef that few can see mended, but Ja Rule recently said that, for culture, he would be in a live battle on Instagram with 50 Cent. Fat Joe was on the phone with Ja while Instagram Live with Swizz Beatz. For the past few weeks, Swizz and Timbaland have coordinated IG Battles between artists and producers, and according to Ja, he wants all the smoke from Fif.

Swizz seemed worried because he wanted to make sure the intention was to have fun and play music for culture, not for Fif and Ja to play their animosity live and in technicolor. For now, we don’t know if this will really go down, but 50 Cent asked his IG to share a clip of himself smiling and leaving in a car with a legend that says: “Who wants to fight”, and here is a moment of silence for the sick and the suffering again. LOL. “

The legend was supplemented by a multitude of self-promotional hashtags, but fans quickly jumped in for comments leaving the Power The player knows he wants to see him play musically with Ja Rule. Is it a fair match and would you agree?


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