5 Ups and 6 Downs of WWE Raw after WrestleMania 36


Great show Drew McIntyre

Normally the Raw after WrestleMania is a rude affair,
with rowdy fans chanting and trying to hijack the program during WWE deployment
new superstars and new angles as the company tries to capitalize on energy
and the momentum of WrestleMania weekend.

But in this current climate, WWE has been forced to
strange and unprecedented situation, with the limited list, no public and not final
timeline about the future. All of this represents very uncertain times for much of
our world, and WWE is no different.

It was in this vein that we found Raw Monday evening, with the
company trying to follow WrestleMania 36, ​​but can’t really pull
the trigger for something special or memorable. The uncertainty that surrounds everything
could have jeopardized all of the company’s great plans, and that certainly
to consider.

But while we can partially note on a curve, we still have to recognize
WWE chooses to go ahead with tape shows, so you should always criticize
not just give them a pass because they choose to entertain by having
their athletes do the opposite of social distancing.

So we’re going to give some credit, but we’re still trying to break Raw down.
Let’s go …


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