5 things to know for April 6: Coronavirus, health, economy, elections, White House


It’s not just toilet paper and ground beef that people store. Since measures against coronaviruses have made everything more difficult to obtain, some people hoard illicit drugs of their choice. Here’s what you need to know to Be quick and take the plunge. (You may also receive “5 things you need to know” in your inbox daily. Sign up here.)

1. Coronavirus

The coronavirus has reached the massive Dharavi slum outside Mumbai, putting India at risk of being the next hot spot. Doctors fear that if the virus spreads among the 1 million people living in the slum, it could signal disaster for the rest of the country. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the UK as a precaution after being tested positive for the virus two weeks ago. He will continue to lead the British government under medical supervision. A glimmer of optimism is beginning to shine in Spain and Italy: the two countries, ravaged by the disease, are stabilizing in the number of reported cases. The United States marked its deadliest day to date in the fight against disease this weekend, with 1,344 deaths reported on Saturday. The new coronavirus has now infected more than 1.2 million people worldwide, including more than 330,000 in the United States, and killed more than 69,000 worldwide. Follow here for the latest updates.

2. Health

White House officials and medical experts disagree with President Trump’s approval of unproven treatments for coronaviruses. Trump has repeatedly recommended hydroxychloroquine, the antimalarial drug, and azithromycin, a common antibiotic, despite researchers’ warnings that no drug has been proven to treat or prevent anyone from getting Covid-19. This flaw would have provoked a heated disagreement in the situation room this weekend, several aides and external advisers having taken Trump’s side. While researchers are testing with hydroxychloroquine, doctors say it is too early to be sure of its effectiveness and have warned that its side effects could be dangerous for otherwise healthy people.

3. World economy

The meeting between Saudi Arabia, Russia and members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has been postponed until April 9, resulting in an optimistic turnaround in the oil market. Saudi Arabia and Russia have been locked in an epic price war since the start of March, when the OPEC alliance broke down, flooding the oil market with cheap petroleum as the coronavirus pandemic deepened. a giant hole in international demand. Trump says he is optimistic that the meeting, which will be held virtually, will end the price war and rebalance the market. Meanwhile, global stocks soared early Monday after hard-hit areas like Italy, Spain and New York City reported lower deaths from coronaviruses.

4. Election 2020

National Republican Committee and Wisconsin Republicans have asked the Supreme Court to freeze an opinion from a lower court that extends the absenteeism deadline, giving voters six more days to submit their ballot from April 13 to April 13. They say such a move will threaten the integrity of the competition. Wisconsin has refused to postpone or alter its primary elections, which are scheduled for Tuesday, April 7. After resisting any change in election day for weeks, state governor Tony Evers called a special legislative session this weekend to try to change the contest for a postal vote and postpone it until ‘in May, but for now, the vote is still scheduled for tomorrow.

5. White House

President Trump is in heat for his recent dismissal of Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson. Atkinson is the one who informed Congress of the whistleblower complaint that led to Trump’s dismissal. This small detail led several people, including Atkinson, to suspect that his eviction was politically motivated. Even some Republicans have said that Atkinson’s shooting requires more explanation. Trump defended his decision by saying that the Inspector General “did a terrible job” and “took a false report and delivered it to Congress.” Atkinson is one of many officials involved in the dismissal process who have since been dismissed or reassigned from office.


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