4 positive tests for COVID-19 coronavirus in a retirement home in Maine


PORTLAND, Maine – EDITOR’S NOTE: In the video above, Clay Gordon of NEWS CENTER in Maine shows one of the proper ways to remove protective gloves.

Another Maine long-term care facility faces a group of coronavirus, COVID-19 case.

A spokesperson for the Ashton Gardens Gracious Retirement Living Community is treating a group of four cases of COVID-19 coronavirus.

“Our sincere wishes go to all of our community members and their families who have been affected by this virus,” said Bryan. “Our top priority at Ashton Gardens Gracious Retirement Living is to ensure the health and safety of everyone who lives and works in our community. “

Bryan said the last time someone tested positive at Ashton Gardens was on April 2.

The retirement community has had preparedness protocols in place since the spread of the coronavirus began, according to Bryan.

“In early March, Ashton Gardens Gracious Retirement Living proactively implemented a phased response program to combat the further spread of COVID-19,” said Bryan. “On March 14, we elevated anti-virus measures in our communities, which includes very specific and extensive disinfection protocols, incorporates other food service safety protocols and prohibits non-essential visits . These protocols were further improved at Ashton Gardens in March. 27 when residents were invited to take shelter in their apartments. These improved protocols remain in place, and all of the actions we have taken have been taken with the health and well-being of our residents first. ”

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Maine Center for Disease Control spokesman Robert Long said they have been in constant contact with Ashton Gardens since the start of the pandemic.

“The Maine CDC has been working with Ashton Gardens for the past month, as Dr. Shah acknowledged in his March 29 presentation. “

Maine officials have long been concerned about long-term care facilities.

Dr. Nirav Shah, director of the Maine CDC, provided an update on the five outbreaks in long-term care facilities during Friday’s briefing:

  • Tall Pines in Waldo County: there was an increase in two residents who tested positive, bringing the total to 28. Ten staff members tested positive, an increase of one. There are a total of 38 confirmed cases at the facility. Five people died.
  • Falmouth by the Sea in Falmouth: There are currently three residents and one staff member with confirmed cases of COVID-19. Maine CDC delivered an emergency PPE order to the facility on Thursday.
  • Augusta Center for Health and Rehabilitation: A total of 70 people have COVID-19: 46 residents and 24 staff members. Two people died.
  • The Cedars in Portland: There are four new cases among residents for a total of seven. Three staff members have tested positive.
  • Maine Veterans’ home in Scarborough: 28 residents tested positive, no increase since Thursday; 14 staff members, an increase of one. There have been two deaths from COVID-19.

All told, there are 164 people among the residents and staff of the five long-term care facilities who have COVID-19. The Maine CDC continues to investigate these outbreaks.

Long also pointed out that Ashton Garden’s case was different from some other long-term care facilities.

“The cases cited by Ashton Gardens management on Friday are in separate living units, not in a clustered setting, which makes the situation a cluster, not an epidemic,” said Long. “This is a significant difference, because the epidemiological implications and the response to each are very different. “

Bryan said on Saturday that all residents or staff who have symptoms are tested for COVID-19. Residents have been asked to take shelter in their apartments in an attempt to slow the spread of the facility, according to Bryan.

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