3M Launches Lawsuit In Canada Against Company Accused Of N95 Mask Fraud


3M, based in Minnesota, has filed a lawsuit against an Ontario company that allegedly claimed a bogus affiliation with the American manufacturer of medical equipment to sell hard-to-find N95 masks at exorbitant prices.

The lawsuit, filed in the Ontario Superior Court, alleges that Caonic Systems Inc. set up a web domain on the e-commerce platform Shopify and used it to sell masks which, according to him, had been manufactured by 3M in Singapore and the UK.

He further alleges that the company continued to market the masks on various Shopify-based sites after 3M complained, with an asking price of $ 17 each – five times the suggested retail price.

3M, which was at the center of a short-lived dispute with the White House over its long-standing export agreements with Canada and Mexico for personal protective equipment, severely suppressed price increases during the COVID-19 pandemic since.

The company has already launched similar lawsuits in several US states, accusing dealers of trying to take advantage of the equipment shortage, but the lawsuit announced Tuesday is the first time the effort has been made in Canada.

President Donald Trump called 3M two weeks ago to export his N95 masks outside the country, but the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency has since provided exemptions for Canada and Mexico to ensure continued exports.


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