3 jobs the Cowboys should do to own the 2020 NFL Draft


The draft week has arrived and the Dallas Cowboys have seven chances to improve their team. However, having seven choices does not necessarily mean that the Cowboys must use them all on college players.

In a year when teams don’t have access to players the way they normally do, trading against established players may be the best path for the Cowboys. Why risk the unknown when they can add good players who have been in the league.

Here’s a path where Cowboys can improve by maximizing their project capital and starting out with talent. Let’s call it the draft exchange.

First round n ° 17: exchange with NY Jets
Receive: Security Jamal Adams

It may be wishful thinking to make it a little cheap, but if the Jets are ready to trade Adams, the Cowboys should revisit the idea after the two teams discussed a deal last October.

A first round plus something in next year’s project (as discussed in this space) would also be acceptable. Adam is an All-Pro security who is only 24 years old and would meet the team’s long-standing security needs. It is simply a better option than anyone at 17.

The best part of getting Adams is that he has his rookie contract and the Cowboys can put him on the cheap for a few seasons. Adams is looking for a new contract, but with two years remaining (assuming the team chooses the fifth year option, obviously), he comes at a sweet price for the next two seasons before making any money. When the time comes, the NFL cap will be much higher, and the Cowboys should have no problem distributing money for Adams’ services.

Second round n ° 51 and third round n ° 82: exchanges until …

Carry on…


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