28 best gifts for Mother’s Day 2020


Among the many unique moments of 2020, one of them will be how we celebrate all the mothers in our lives during Mother’s Day. The celebration of the year will be very different from previous years, as will our memories. But despite stay-at-home orders that are spreading across the country, you still have plenty of opportunities to offer your mom a thoughtful gift – the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day persist despite the impact of the coronavirus .

Jenny Yip, PsyD, clinical psychologist and parenting expert at the Renewed Freedom Center in Los Angeles, California, previously explained to us that when it comes to giving gifts, focusing on how they would use the gift could be equivalent – if they even want something they can use. “Does she usually prefer a practical gift? Or does she like something more sentimental? Flowers can be a wonderful gift if you know your mom loves them, but if you know she thinks they’re a waste, then go with what you know, “advises Yip. So where to start? Below we offer Mother’s Day gift ideas that we found after researching some of the best options, as well as products from our existing buying guides whose high quality translates into functional gift options and usable. We have compiled gifts for each type of mother and at a range of prices. Happy Mother’s Day!

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  2. Mother’s day gifts for different types of moms
  3. The best self-care and wellness gifts for Mother’s Day
  4. The best gifts for home and kitchen for Mother’s Day
  5. Best bed and bath gifts for Mother’s Day
  6. Best technological gifts for Mother’s Day

Unique and personalized gifts for Mother’s Day

1. Custom handwriting cutting board

This unique gift from Etsy features handwriting from you or a loved one engraved on a smooth, matte wooden cutting board. You can hang it up as a display or use it for cooking in the kitchen – bamboo composite is harder than wood and helps prevent bacteria. To order, send a clear photo of a recipe to the seller and your photo will be engraved in the wood.

2. DIY reel rope bowl

This DIY rope bowl can be used to hold car keys and essentials near the front door, or can be used in the kitchen to keep fruit on the table. The kit comes with 10 meters of barrel and jute rope as well as 10 meters of waxed cotton cord. Plus, the pack includes understandable instructions so your mom can easily create their bowl without the hassle.

3. Cricut Joy

If you have a mom who likes to create, you may want to consider getting her a product from the creative technology company, Cricut. The Cricut Joy is an intelligent cutting and writing machine that will allow him to personalize, organize or personalize everyday products. It can cut more than 50 materials, including vinyl, paper and card stock, and it uses application compatibility so that she can control the device from her phone.

4. Quip subscription

Consider the Quip toothbrush subscription service as a gift for Mother’s Day. The starter kit includes an electric toothbrush, a rechargeable dental floss dispenser and a tube of anti-cavity mint toothpaste. The toothbrush includes 1,200 soft nylon bristles that are designed to give it a gentle cleaning of the teeth. The brush head lasts three months and after that, it can subscribe to receive Quip products directly at home every few weeks.

Mother’s day gifts for different types of moms

Mother’s day gifts for stepdaughter

5. Breville Precision Brewer

Without coffee to visit, she could look for a hard to recreate cup of coffee. While a coffee maker is unable to deliver a delicious cup of Joe, a highly rated coffee maker can facilitate access. Breville’s Precision Brewer automatically adjusts water temperature and brew times for best results, according to our guide to the best coffee makers. You will want to get the option with the thermal stainless steel carafe as opposed to the glass carafe.

6. Technical kit for external voices

The Outdoor Voices technical kit includes a short tank top and a pair of ultra-soft 6/8 leggings. The top has removable pads and is made of lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric. The bottom has a breathable design that features a flexible belt that is ideal for any movement – from yoga to pilates to household chores. You can mix and match the colors in your set or opt for a monochromatic look.

Mother’s day gifts for sister-in-law

7. Allbirds women’s wool deckchairs

The Allbirds wool lounge chair is designed with comfort and function in mind. The shoes have a slip-on design that makes them ideal for a mom who’s always on the go, and the temperature-regulating merino wool means she can wear them year-round. All the birds, like some of the other shoe brands we have covered, are durable and environmentally friendly. Their laces are made from recycled water bottles, the wool is of ethical origin and their packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard.

8. Apple Watch series 5

As we reported in our guide to waterproof devices, “All Apple Watch models are splash and water resistant, although Series 2 and newer are all submersible up to 50 meters, an upgrade from previous models. ” An ever more functional and hitherto very elegant gift, a smartwatch gift is an investment for a family member with whom you are still building a relationship and for whom a great gift could be suitable.

Mother’s day gifts for mother in law

9. Coway Bidetmega 400 Smart electronic bidet

If you’re looking to impress and have a more ironic relationship or even a shared appreciation for hygiene, raising your own might seem pretty impressive. As we mentioned in our guide to the best bidets, they offer better comfort and better cleaning than standard toilet paper. They are also more environmentally friendly than toilet paper, especially in the weeks following the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The Coway offers unique features in the bidet space, such as a three-stage wash that can adjust pressure, temperature and movement. It is self-cleaning and its seat can be heated.

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10. Sips By – Personalized tea gift card

Tea is often an excellent choice and difficult to spoil. Sips by delivers four types of tea on a monthly basis, depending on preferences and tastes. Each shipment should cover approximately 15 cups of tea (more if left) and the gift card will cover three months of subscription. If you want to play safely, unlike the bidet above, this will be a solid choice.

Mother’s day gifts for the future mother

11. To Mama Pipette, With Love Kit

This Pipette gift set includes new essentials for moms like a relaxing body wash, body lotion, tummy butter and a dry brush. The lotion balances the hydration levels of the skin using a glycerin base and shea butter derived from belly butter can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Each item is designed to help new mothers restore their skin, and each product is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, according to the brand.

12. Dagne Dover Indi diaper backpack

The unique bag company makes some of the most versatile and functional bags, and their addition in 2019 of a layered backpack underscores the brand’s consistent delivery of stylish and very practical bags. Available in eight colors and designed to be hung on a stroller, the diaper backpack includes a multitude of built-in pockets, zippers and drawstrings to make transport and logistics a little easier each day. Purchasing Dagne Dover bags currently allows you to donate 10% of the purchase to a charity of your choice.

Mother’s day gifts for woman

13. Rothy’s The Point Flat

Rothy’s uses water bottles collected from Earth’s oceans to make shoes through a 3D knitting process. Le Point was the brand’s first version and features a comfortable insole and a streamlined silhouette. Thanks to its seamless design, the shoe does not require a long break-in period so that it can start wearing them right out of the box.

14. Everlane Soft Cotton Crew

Everlane’s soft crew-neck sweater is made from 100% cotton and is designed to provide layered warmth. It is light and has a relaxed fit, making it ideal for comfortable, everyday wear. Sweaters, along with other Everlane products, are made from high-quality materials and created in ethical factories that meet compliance standards such as fair wages and reasonable hours.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Aunt

15. Kindle Paperwhite

If your aunt likes to read, consider giving her the new Kindle Paperwhite available in black or dusk blue. The glare-free display and built-in adjustable light make it possible to read almost anywhere and a single charge lasts for weeks. It is the thinnest and lightest Paperwhite to date and there are different storage capacity options, which you can determine based on the number of audiobooks it wants to download.

16. Membership and gifts to the Winc Wine Club

And what better way to accompany your reading or listening to Kindle than a good glass of personalized wine? The Winc process involves a small quiz that determines his taste and with each new shipment, he learns a little more to make more informed decisions and recommendations. If she enjoys a glass of red or white (or whatever) from time to time, be the source of this delicious sip (responsible).

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

17. Nixplay 2K smart digital photo frame

The Nikplay 2K smart photo frame will let you share photos with the grandmother of your life instantly via app integration. The frame can be placed on a counter or mounted on a wall and there are several styles, including wood and metal styles. In the Nixplay app, you can invite your family and friends to share photos or video playlists so the frame is always up to date with new content, and they can see what you’re doing with the highlights you choose who can stay much newer than your visits.

18. Anova Precision Cooker

Featured in our guide to sous vide, this Anova precision cooker will allow her to cook with much easier, by determining the exact temperature she wants a given pot of water to reach and maintaining it. Vacuuming is a great way to save time that would otherwise be spent taking care of the stove, freeing it up to tell you stories, hear yours or do all the grandmother things she would rather than do. cook all day (and if that’s what she prefers to do, maybe the sous-vide will free her up to do more).

The best personal care and wellness gifts for Mother’s Day

19. Allswell spa package

A bathrobe and a pair of slippers are included in this AllSwell set. The spa duo is made of 100% cotton and its embossed texture makes the fabric more absorbent. The robe is pre-washed to ensure it will shrink less in a load of laundry. Currently until May 10, save 25% on the package with the code PAMPERMOM.

20. TheraBox

Offer tranquility with the TheraBox focused on personal care. Each box includes a therapeutic activity inspired by research, as well as eight self-care wellness products designed to reduce stress. The most notable items in old boxes include multivitamins, face masks (like skin care), dry brushes, bath salts and more.

21. LARQ self-cleaning bottle

The LARQ bottle keeps its interior clean with an LED UV-C light that purifies the bottle at the touch of a button. It has a double insulated design that can keep the contents cool in cool up to 24 hours and the contents warm in warm for 12. Stylish design and multiple style and color options let you choose the perfect one for mom who cares about drinking enough water every day.

The best gifts for home and kitchen for Mother’s Day

22. SodaStream Fizzi

You can make sparkling water or soda instantly with the help of SodaStream Fizzi. Its cylinder injects carbonation into your water and you can buy additional products to flavor and personalize your drink. The starter kit includes a watermaker, a carbonating bottle and a one-liter bottle. You can also upgrade to a hydration pack that includes two additional one-liter bottles and two half-liter bottles.

23. Philips Turbostar Air Fryer

Air frying can be a quick and easy way to prepare family meals, and the Philips TurboStar air fryer makes it easy to evenly cook food with little or no oil. It has an easy to control dial that allows simple temperature control and preset functions to eliminate the guessing game from cooking. The 2.75 quart basket means that multiple items can be cooked at the same time and the dishwasher basket makes cleaning up easy after a meal.

Best bed and bath gifts for Mother’s Day

24. The Harmony purple pillow

An option for any mom looking to relax more these days, the Purple pillow is unique in the pillow space. Made with a hypoallergenic Talalay latex core, it’s designed to keep your neck and head supported – and cool – overnight. It also comes with a 100-night trial, so if it’s not a pillow upgrade, it can return it hassle-free.

25. The Allswell mattress

A substantial gift for anyone is an investment in the life of someone close and dear to you. According to Consumer Reports, this mattress is doing well in its stability tests and with it, as we have already reported: “Your partner should not bother you a lot in your sleep. “

Best tech gift ideas for Mother’s Day

26. Roku Ultra

Streaming devices are a popular way to watch TV and movies as they are compatible with several services like HBO, Netflix, Hulu and more. The Roku Ultra delivers brilliant picture quality to your screen and is optimized for sharp resolution and vivid colors. The compact design means you can take it with you to plug into any laptop or computer (once it is safe to travel again).

27. True Jaybird Vista Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones

A worthy upgrade for anyone who uses headphones frequently, whether for fitness or other reasons. They come with IPX7 water resistance, which means they are waterproof even when submerged up to a meter for 30 minutes. If it tends to sweat a lot, these are designed to survive for a long time – and if that changes, Jaybird’s warranty covers damage from sweating.

28. Apple iPad

An iPad is a nice upgrade for anyone’s personal web browsing, and Apple’s iPad is “the only tablet to buy,” according to a technology expert. As a gift, it will last several years, allowing it to stay more up to date with useful applications or video chats. Of course, many games and apps will help him otherwise.

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