23-year-old NHS Coronavirus nurse dies after caring for deadly virus patients


A 23-year-old NHS nurse who cared for patients with coronavirus died.

John Alagos is said to be the third and youngest nurse to be a victim of Covid-19.

He returned from work at Watford Hospital Friday night after a night shift.

He said he suffered from headaches and high temperature.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, his mother, Mrs. Gustilo, said, “I asked ‘Why didn’t you come back?’ He said he had asked other staff but they said they were short of staff and he said they did not let him go.

John fell ill during a shift but was not allowed to go home because the hospital was understaffed

“I said, ‘OK, take paracetamol.’ After a few minutes, I found him blushing in his bed. “

When she found her unconscious son in her room, she called 999 but the paramedics were unfortunately unable to resuscitate him.

John was treating a high risk at Watford General Hospital, which declared a “critical incident” last night and shut down its A&E department due to a problem with its oxygen supply.

Ms. Gustilo says that John’s colleagues told her that he wasn’t wearing “proper” protective clothing.

“They wear PPE, but do not fully protect the mouth. They wear normal masks, ”she says.

Watford General Hospital said last night in a statement:

“Our staff are fully aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 and we would never expect anyone to stay at work if they had these symptoms or, in fact, did not feel well.

“We have always kept our staff informed of the latest PPE guidelines to ensure they have the right level of protection. “

A spokesperson added, “John was very popular and will be greatly missed. “

Ms. Gustilo said that John had no underlying medical problems.


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