2020 NHL Entry Draft Better Than Current Players


The NHL Central Scouting is producing its final ranking of the best North American skaters and goalkeepers for the 2020 draft via video conference, which is chaired by LNT Central Scouting director Dan Marr starting this weekend. Goran Stubb, director of European NHL testing, will provide the ranking of the best international skaters and goalkeepers.

Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic forced the NHL to suspend its season on March 12. In addition, the rest of the regular season and the playoffs in the Canadian Hockey League (Ontario Hockey League, Western Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League), NCAA and The Leagues have been canceled.

A few Central Scouting scouts have been slow to deliver NHL comparables for the top five North American skaters in the midterm rankings, as well as the number 1 skater and goaltender on the international midterm lists.

The outlook for the 2020 project is listed in order of mid-term ranking of Central Scouting in January.


1. Alexis Lafreniere (6 feet 1 inch, 196 pounds), LW, Rimouski (QMJHL)

2019-2020: 52 games, 35-77-112, 40 points on power play, 50 PIM, plus-41, 261 shots on goal

Best assets: Game creation, skating, competition

Possible comparable NHL: Jonathan HuberdeauFlorida Panthers forward

Analysis of central NHL screening: “Exceptionally intelligent player with top speed and retractable equipment. It is excellent for carrying the puck and directing the rushes and performs under pressure, has great vision and great anticipation. Lafreniere offers skills and a vision of high-end puck to create games, at an impressive level of competition every time he is on the ice, and raises his game in situations of pressure while showing leadership . “

2. Quinton Byfield (6-4, 215), C, Sudbury (OHL)

2019-2020: 45 games, 32-50-82, 22 power play, 44 PIM, plus-26, 148 shots on goal

Best assets: Skating, shooting, hockey sense

Possible comparable NHL: Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins attack

Analysis of central NHL screening: “It’s funny how some guys easily remind you of another player. I see Malkin when I look at Byfield. I’ve seen Malkin the same age as Byfield now; this tall, gangly frame combined with big hands and a hockey IQ is similar. He also has this quiet competitiveness like Malkin. You see a player who has the potential to be a great front line center in the NHL. He shows leadership and character. He’s the kind of player any team would like to have. “

3. Jamie Drysdale (5-11, 175), D, Erie (OHL)

2019-2020: 49 games, 9-38-47, 22 power play, 24 PIM, plus-9, 136 shots on goal

Best assets: Skating, hockey sense, competitiveness

Possible comparable NHL: Makar wedge, Colorado Avalanche Defender

Analysis of central NHL screening: “Jamie is a great skater who can drive the game and accelerate the pace from the back. He is an excellent transition player, can make tape to tape passes on the fly and has high-end attacking play and play ability that make him dangerous every time he hits the puck. He makes good use of counterfeits of the head and body to escape the pressure and shows the ability to lead the game on the ice and save time in the offensive zone for his team. He works so well on the offensive blue line and his mobility gets into position to fire his quick shot towards the net or to join the attack as a dead man, which makes him a threat at full speed. “

4. Cole Perfetti (5-10, 177), C, Saginaw (OHL)

2019-2020: 61 games, 37-74-111, 30 points on power play, 16 PIM, plus-49, 244 shots on goal

Best assets: Hockey sense, game creation, scoring ability

Possible comparable NHL: Ryan Nugent-HopkinsAnd the Edmonton Oilers ahead

Analysis of central NHL screening: “The excellent skills in puck and puck handling, vision and execution are on another level. He is elusive and can light up a dime, getting out of control and giving himself time and space to use his offensive arsenal. He has an incredible hockey IQ and a feeling for the game. He can slow the game down at his own pace, catch the attention of all the defensemen and find a pass that no one else in the arena can see coming. Perfetti is a major threat whenever he is on the ice and is just as dangerous as a point guard as he is a goalscorer. “

5. Marco Rossi (5-9, 183), C, Ottawa (OHL)

2019-2020: 56 games, 39-81-120, 38 points on power play, 40 PIM, plus-69, 193 shots on goal

Best assets: Game creation, competitiveness, face-offs

Possible comparable NHL: Claude Giroux, Philadelphia Flyers ahead

Analysis of central NHL screening: “He is a highly skilled offensive player who is just as dangerous to create games and finish scoring chances. Rossi is a great skater, strong on his skates and hard to drop the puck, and he can play games in a hurry or in tight areas. He demonstrates solid cycle play, can extend play into the attacking zone, and can beat defenders with speed or with an impressive set of moves. He offers excellent puck control, whether moving at high speed or in traffic, has a hard, precise shot with quick release, works hard in all three areas and plays a physical and aggressive game. “

International skater

1. Tim Stuetzle (6-1, 187), LW, Mannheim (GER)

2019-2020: 41 games, 7-27-34, 12 PIM, plus-4, 132 shots on goal

Best assets: Skating, stick handling, passes

Possible comparable NHL: Mathew Barzal, New York Islanders attack

Analysis of central NHL screening: “His speed is impressive … he can fly. The handling and vision of the Stuetzle puck is also excellent. He has a good attitude, works hard on each shift and is so confident with the puck. He’s also a bit arrogant on the ice. , but in a positive way. “


1. Yaroslav Askarov (6-3, 176), Neva Saint Petersburg (RUS-2)

2019-2020: 18 games, 12-3, 2.45 goals against average, save percentage of, 920, shutout

Best assets: Speed, consciousness, mental composition

Possible comparable NHL: Pekka Rinne, Guardian of the Nashville Predators

Analysis of central NHL screening: “A technically solid goalkeeper with a good instinct capable of reading the game well. He is good at communication, can react quickly and offers a very quick glove (on the right). He’s a solid pro prospect. “

Listen: New episode of the NHL Entry Draft


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