2020 NFL Mock Draft 5.0


It’s time for a final final mock draft before the 2020 NFL Draft. I project 1-32 choices based on what I hear and where I think prospects might be coming off the table and using my Big 300 top Board and position rankings as a guide.

It will be a chaotic project. There will be trades that reverse the order, with teams going up and down. I do not include trades in this bogus project, but I will note the choices that have the potential to be displaced.

Live coverage of the first round begins at 7 p.m. AND Thursday on ABC, ESPN and the ESPN app, and I’ll be there for the seven rounds until Saturday night. Let’s go, planning Round 1:

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Joe Burrow, QB, LSU | Strong points

Burrow is exactly what the Bengals need after a 2-14 season. The Heisman Trophy winner can step in and be the starter from day one. He is clearly the best quarterback in this category.

Chase Young, DE, State of Ohio | Strong points

Ron Rivera said that Washington had spoken to the trade teams about this choice, but I was not buying that seriously. Rivera is a defensive coach, and he cannot let Young, the best overall hope in this category and an elite rusher, pass.


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