2020 NFL Draft – Why the Washington Redskins Shouldn’t Take Chase Young Second


The Washington Redskins have the choice of placing second in the NFL draft in 2020. They have three realistic options:

Most of the signs indicate that they are choosing option # 1 and are taking Young Class’s best hope. But it may not be so smart, even if it looks great on paper. In fact, it’s probably the worst of the three options when you dig a little deeper.

Surprised? Let me explain…

Negotiate versus select Young

In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Washington’s new coach Ron Rivera did not seem particularly enthusiastic about trading in pick # 2. “If you want to trade and you’re going to go back, this guy you take to this place must be able to have the kind of impact you need to validate an opportunity to take a player-impact guy, “he said.

But as good on a defensive side as Young may be, he is also just that: a defensive side. A non-quarterback. And the Redskins can extract the value of a quarterback from the selection if they don’t select it.


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