2020 NFL draft pick, conference team: LSU ties all-time record, SEC leads for 14th consecutive year


For the 14th consecutive year, the SEC was the king of the NFL draft. Given that the majority of college football talent is in the South, it should come as no surprise that the SEC led all conferences with 63 choices in the NFL 2020 draft. This is not enough to match the own league record with 64 caps in last year’s draft. However, 63 draft picks still put a lot of distance between the SEC and the Big Ten, which was second among the conferences with 48 choices.

It was also a record day for LSU. The defending national champions led all teams with 14 draft picks, breaking the SEC record for the most part by a single team and tying the 2004 Ohio State class for the most by any program during of a given year. The peculiarity of the Tigers’ draft class is that most of their selections took place in the first two days with only four LSU players selected in rounds 4-7.

Michigan and Ohio State were tied for second with 10 caps each, while Alabama had nine. Clemson, Florida, Georgia and Utah each had seven. A total of 96 teams in all three divisions of the NCAA had at least one player selected.

Discover the breakdown by conference and team below through the seven rounds of the NFL 2020 draft.

2020 NFL Draft by conference

  • SEC – 63
  • Big Ten – 48
  • Pac-12 – 32
  • ACC – 27
  • Large 12 – 21
  • AAC – 17
  • USA Conference – 10
  • West Mountain – 10
  • Independent – 9
  • Sun Belt – 7
  • FCS – 6
  • Division II / III – 3
  • MAC – 2

2020 NFL Draft by University Team


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