2020 NFL Draft perspective profile: Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama


For another year, the offensive line has been a nodus for the short and long term development of this franchise. Protecting Daniel Jones should be the number one priority for the New York Giants and the team has needs at stake. The first one is on the right, where Nick Gates and Cameron Fleming can step in if need be. The second is in the center, where Spencer Pulley is currently listed as a starter. The long-term solution on the left tackles the list. Uncertainty is compounded by Daniel Jones learning a new attack system from Jason Garrett. The new verbiage, the environment, and the limited training sessions, due to COVID-19, give me a precarious feeling for the development of Jones’ second year. Giants must give Jones enough time to throw the ball in 2020, especially since Garrett’s system is more vertical, based on Air-Coryell, than Pat Shurmur’s quick play, West Coast, type of offense .

General Manager Dave Gettleman suggested that the Giants look into tackling the draft and indicated the depth of the position. Gettleman also spoke about Nate Solder’s troubles in 2019. It’s not crazy to think that the Giants would spend two of their 115 best tackles, especially if Gettleman believes the draft is deep on Day 2 and the start of the Day 3. Head coach Joe Judge has a connection to Alabama; he was part of the Alabama staff as a special teams assistant from 2009 to 2011. Jedrick Wills is my number one tackle in this class and would make a great addition to the offense. His movement skills in pass protection, thrust / driving in the racing game and awareness would be adopted by fans of the Giants and, most importantly, Daniel Jones.

Perspective: Jedrick Wills Jr., OT, Alabama
Games watched: vs South Carolina (2019), vs Tennessee (2019), vs Arkansas (2019), vs LSU (2019)
Red flags: No


Quick summary

Better: Mirroring, footwork in Pass Pro, functional strength, block framing
Worst: Not ideal Length
Projection: First year starting from a tackle on the right with the potential to be a tackle on the left.

Game strip

(Wills is the good tackle, number 74)

Full report

Wills is a fluid, fluid, powerful and intelligent offensive attack perspective. Incredible footwork and hips allow it to function well at the line of scrimmage, in space on the second level, and while blocking on an island. It glides effortlessly through pass sets, with powerful steps in 45 and vertical sets, while maintaining a very good balance and center of gravity. It has excellent mirroring capacity and its reactive speed is incredible; manages counters well and does a good job using his quick hands to punch opponents effectively. His hands broke and quickly reset / lit to keep the defenders honest. The placement of his hands is good and he uses timely strikes, with tight elbows, inside the breastplate of the defenders. Wills plays patiently and does not extend pass protection, while using his framing ability to keep defenders away from their desired destinations. Its anchor is good, as is its ability to move its hips back during the second efforts to measure more power, against powerful pass accelerators. Wills uses a good pick and trap against defenders who try to use their longer length.

Fluid hips and an excellent conscience help him to locate the stunts. He makes a good transition, attacks and sticks to defensive players in a loop. Blocks moving well laterally; engages his heart, trains his legs and positions his body well through his reach blocks. Good in basic bouldering situations: quick feet for mirroring, active hands for hitting and does not outperform much in these situations. Good for climbing to the second level and locating defensive backs and linebackers. It is very good for directing second level defenders in one direction, which gives the ball carrier a hole to explode. Driving defenders generally effective on the line of scrimmage, with excellent leg handling, on descent blocks.

Has 34 ¼ ”arms, but he doesn’t really look like that on the tape as he can allow defenders to make first contact and use their length against him, but Wills is a pretty good athlete and has enough force to fight these passes rushes well. Sometimes Wills extends while blocking down and leaves his outer shoulder slightly vulnerable to power strikes. Wills is generally good against the counters, but has been beaten by the indoor counters several times in the games I have watched. Overall, he has excellent movement skills, football intelligence and a good kick, as well as very good athleticism and good timing. I would love to see it in Giants blue every time they hit the field next season.

Global mark: 7.0, day one – potential talent for the Pro Bowl [Grading Scale]


Wills will step in and be a Day 1 start in the right tackle for the writer, with the potential to become a good starting tackle in the league. All of Wills’ strengths translate into the NFL. It’s not common to see a tackle with passes, footwork and mirrored skills. His raw power and his functional athletic ability are also very translatable.

He does not have the movement skills in space as Tristan Wirfs of Iowa, but he can still locate himself and function well in the open air. Leave it on an island and worry about slip protection the other way around, as Wills’ ability to handle overtaking, with a round trip, is impressive. Wills is the most polite tackle in this draft and is ready for the NFL.


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