2020 NFL Draft: Notes and Analysis for Each Seventh Round Selection


Want to know what I think of each choice made during the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft? You can follow throughout the day on Saturday as I note all of the choices from Round 7 below. Be sure to refresh this page throughout the night for the latest notes. You can keep track of all the choices for the whole project and my notes in our project tracking tool.

Grades: Round 12nd roundRound 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7

215. Bengals: Markus Bailey, Purdue

Quality: A. The LB Bengals makeover continues. Bailey takes blocks with power and has the athleticism to be a solid linebacker in the NFL. Age and injuries are just legitimate concerns.

216. Redskins: S Kamren Curl, Arkansas

Quality: C-. Curl is in the new-age mold of a linebacker / safety hybrid and has experience in cornering. Tight hips but good reach mainly because of the explosive first stage.

217. 49ers: Jauan Jennings, Tennessee

Quality: A. Jennings is not a separator, but is a YAC monster because of her size, vision and balance of contact. Perfect end of sleeve leaflet for Kyle Shanahan.

218. Giants: EDGE Carter Coughlin, Minnesota

Classroom: A. Coughlin understands how to use his sprint counters to win around the corner. High engine and never stops fighting. Must become much stronger. A quality sinking in the cover too.

219. Ravens: S Geno Stone, Iowa

Classroom: A-. Stone is a lower level athlete for the safety point, but plays two steps faster than his combine due to great instincts in the blanket. Holds against the race.

220. Chargers: WR K.J. Hill, Ohio State

Classroom: A-. Hill lacks field speed and has a tiny catch radius. But he knows how to beat the line press and is a short to intermediate level road seller.

221. Panthers: CB Stantley Thomas-Oliver, CRF

Classroom: B. Thomas Oliver is new to the CB position but really thrived in 2019. The ability to click and close is huge. Ball skills of his WR days. Depth of late quality.

222. Cardinals: RB Eno Benjamin, Arizona State

Quality: A. No reason why Benjamin should still be on the board so late. Working back with stellar vision, a variety of jukes and reliable hands as a receiver. Excellent contact balance too. Perfect fit in Arizona.

223. Jaguars: Chris CB Claybrooks, Memphis

Classroom: D +. Jerky and thin BC who needs to regroup to face physical WRs in the NFL. Didn’t have a lot of university bullet production.

224. Titans: QB Cole McDonald, Hawaii

Classroom: VS-. McDonald has an NFL arm and is not afraid to push the ball through narrow windows, even after an interception. Lots of high end throws but also a plethora of bad decisions.

225. Vikings: EDGE Kenny Willekes, State of Michigan

Classroom: A-. Willekes is missing in the cornering department but is a karate master with his hands and has a flexible frame to absorb and then distribute the blocks. Quality size too.

226. Bear: OL Arlington Hambright, Colorado

Classroom: D +. A great racing block specialist who was transferred from Oklahoma State. Must get stronger and play with a better pro pass balance.

227. Bear: OL Lachavious Simmons, Tennessee St.

Classroom: D +. The bears come out of the project radar at the front with these picks. But Simmons has serious versatility and a medium streak, a combination that makes him worthy of being chosen.

228. Falcons: P Sterling Hofrichter, Syracuse

Classroom: D +. I can face a bettor on the seventh round. Hofrichter has a booming leg and many years of experience in Syracuse.

229. Redskins: DL James Smith-Williams, NC State

Classroom: vs. Greek god who transformed his body at NC State. Play with decent but very raw power with the technical side of the game and have battled a myriad of injuries.

230. Patriots: C Dustin Woodard, Memphis

Classroom: VS-. Ground game technician, but without NFL frame. Long-term development pivot.

231. Cowboys: QB Ben DiNucci, James Madison

Classroom: VS-. Pitt transfer with good athleticism, quick release and solid ball placement. Not super precise and struggles to make quick decisions under pressure.

232. Steelers: DT Carlos Davis, Nebraska

Classroom: B +. Davis plays manual labor at the point of attack. Good speed in short areas. Struggles in the racing game. Play high and lose the battle for leverage. Large-scale explosion flashes.

233. Eagles: EDGE Casey Toohill, Stanford

Classroom: A. Stand-up rusher who has thrived in his only season as a starter. The high caliber athletic features are evident when the cover is pushed in and the edge is flexed. Dynamic mover with a few rushing movements. Major theft.

234. Rams: LB Clay Johnston, Baylor

Classroom: C +. Johnston floats in the blanket and will make games, but is an older prospect and has injury issues. A small frame will hurt him against opposing racing matches.

235. Lions: DT Jashon Cornell, State of Ohio

Classroom: C +. Cornell has a unique frame that allows him to line up anywhere in the front and flashes of manual labor to beat blockers at the point of attack. Just a lower level athlete and never really dominated.

236. Packers: S Vernon Scott, TCU

Classroom: B-. Size / speed specimen worthy of a late flyer. Had strong production in 2019. Tight hips hurt him when he changes direction.

237. Chefs: CB Thakarius Keyes, Tulane

Classroom: B. Keyes has the size, length and face to suffocate in the press and will fight for the ball at the point of capture. The recovery speed is not as impressive as its explosion and its change of direction takes too long.

238. Giants: T.J. Brunson, South Carolina

Classroom: VS-. Brunson has the physical makeup of a modern LB, he just isn’t as often in the ball as you want your off-line linebacker to be and doesn’t thrive in cover because he’s having trouble sticking in. hips and run.

239. Bills: CB Dane Jackson, Pittsburgh

Classroom: A. Feisty, fighter who can play outside or in the slot and has the ability to click and close stellar. Oily hips and good zone instincts. High energy. Smaller frame and medium speed.

240. Saints: QB Tommy Steven, State of Mississippi

Classroom: VS-. Stevens had Taysom Hill-style flashes at Penn State before his transfer, but he is not as physically gifted and is not an NFL smuggler.

241. Boucaniers: LB Chapelle Russell, Temple

Classroom: VS-. Stylish LB with a certain reach but has problems with sifting, but is a fluid athlete and can sometimes run with tight ends.

242. Packers: EDGE Jonathan Garvin, Miami

Classroom: B. NFL size explosive athlete. It just lacks curvature once it gets to the top of the pass. Worth a seventh round pick for Green Bay.

243. Titans: CB Chris Jackson, Marshall

Classroom: B +. Three years of major bale production. Good, not very long and must add weight to its frame. Instinctive and dashing.

244. Vikings: QB Nate Stanley, Iowa

Classroom: vs. Watch the game. Good arm. Quick release. Lots of traditional feedback on his CV. Precision and anticipation are lacking and it is a statue in the pocket.

245. Boucaniers: RB Raymond Calais, Louisiane-Lafayette

Classroom: B +. Small squatty burner with raw RB qualities but speed to burn defenders in the field. Maybe a specialist in the big niche game or even a turner in Tampa.

246. Dolphins: WR / RB Malcolm Perry, marine

Classroom: C +. Perry was a QB option in college but has a vision similar to RB, cutting skills and good speed. Not much contact balance but reads the blocks well.

247. Giants: CB Chris Williamson, Minnesota

Classroom: B-. The length and ball skills make him a worthy selection at this stage of the project. Not a flowing athlete but has good body control to attack football upon arrival.

248. Rams: K Sam Sloman, Miami (Ohio)

Classroom: D +. Don’t think it is necessary to write a kicker, but he had a great senior season. Makes 4 of 5 over 50 meters.

249. Vikings: S Brian Cole, Mississippi St.

Classroom: B +. Cole has the versatility of safety / linebacker and the quality range of flashes across the field. Above average movement skills to cover the blanket. Slower game recognition skill.

250. Aries: G Treymayne Anchrum, Clemson

Classroom: vs. Played at Clemson but has short arms and on-call athletics. Also missing in the food department, but really fighting through the whistle.

251. Seahawks: TE Stephen Sullivan, LSU

Classroom: A-. Sullivan is a classic end of round flyer from Seattle. The old WR became TE with a frightening seam stretching speed and high pointing lightning due to the jump ability and huge catch radius. I’m still learning the position.

252. Broncos: WR Tyrie Cleveland, Florida

Classroom: VS-. Cleveland is another product from Florida that has tested well, but it makes you wonder why it never dominated in college. Good size. Executed the entire route tree. Some elusiveness after capture. WR room loaded.

253. Vikings: OL Kyle Hinton, Washburn

Classroom: Slightly removed from the radar project, but an experienced and chiseled interior blocker with good movement and power for small schools.

254. Broncos: EDGE Derrick Tuzska, North Dakota St.

Classroom: A-. Perhaps perhaps the preferred choice in round 7. Tuszka is a top caliber athlete for the advanced task and has a fast-paced movement toolkit. Perfect guy to learn from Von Miller and Bradley Chubb as he gets stronger.

255. Giants: LB Tae Crowder, Georgia

Classroom: VS-. Pure athletics flyer for New York here. Came a bit into his in 2019, but he has a long way to go in covering and defeating blocks to help stop the race.


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