2020 NFL Draft: Jerry Jones’ Yacht, Joe Burrow Curtains and Best Memes


The best memes from the 2020 NFL Draft with This Guy.


In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, who practically saw each major sports league postponed, the 2020 NFL draft came to save us at a time when we all feel a little hungry for sports. The first one ” virtual draft“As it has been dubbed, takes place across the United States – 60 NFL prospects are zooming or skyping from their homes, and coaches and owners are emailing or calling in their choices, from lavish lounges to bare offices.

Things are radically different in 2020: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reads each selection from his home in front of a fan gallery. Zoom in and applause (or boo) along. The whole thing is a little awkward, quite bizarre and … somehow always nice wonderful and sometimes incredibly healthy. Fans watch the homes of head coaches and owners and watch players react to news from their editorial staff live from their kitchen or living room.

Our friends at CBS Sports have all the information you need if you want to log in, but if you just want to see what everyone is talking about, then keep going because Twitter was very, very there for the Coronavirus Zoom Draft.

Before kickoff, it was Andy Reid, head coach of the reigning Super Bowl champions, who hit the headlines with his draft set.

The first choice, Joe Burrows, went to the Cincinnati Bengals and is already nicknamed “The Tiger King”. Some have made a passing comment about his mom looking like a cool cat.

Going to # 1 is a big success, but Twitter was hooked on something else in Burrows’ house: the curtains, admittedly rather… striking.

Looking inside people’s homes seems a bit odd now that I have had time to think about it, and it is even stranger when an entire nation sees your freshly upholstered sofa. Twitter really sounded on interior design.

A fully “virtual” draft does not mean a quick draft, just to be clear.

The strangest aspect of the night was the visible delay in moving from a draft selection to the player’s home – where, apparently, the player had not yet been alerted of his choice? It was weird and hilarious to see the lack of reaction for some of the best draft choices, just sitting on a sofa watching an iPhone.

At No. 5, the Dolphins selected Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and Commissioner Goodell did not have the correct pronunciation.

Chargers fans didn’t even bother to show up.

When Dave Gettleman, the general manager of the New York Giants, appeared on the screen, he started to put on a mask in his own house.

Gettleman may have been Meme’s MVP for the evening, but there were good reasons for the mask that had been missed by the crowd of Quickfire jokes on Twitter.

Wait… where’s Jerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who writes?

I vote that we have a virtual project every year. Let’s continue on our momentum in 2021, team.

The second and third stages of the NFL draft will be broadcast on Friday and Saturday. You can find out exactly where and how to watch with the huge CBS Sports guide.


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