2019 NBA Finals Game 3: Raptors’ full performances crush warriors


You can relive the third game in the Raptors’s Finals series against the Warriors at 8 p.m. Thursday. AND on Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE. The full broadcast schedule for the replay of the historic 2019 Toronto Championship playoff race is available here.

Game 3 was the Toronto Raptors’ most complete game in their final when they crushed the Golden State Warriors with a 123-109 wire-to-wire victory as the series progressed to Oakland.

The Warriors lacked key offensive players with Kevin Durant still missing and the hamstring injury Klay Thompson suffered in the fourth quarter of Game 2, forcing him to be sidelined as well.

Whatever the circumstances, however, a road final victory is as impressive as it sounds and by entering Oracle Arena and decisively regaining their advantage on the field, it seemed like the story around the Raptors was Past a team that many thought was just happy to be in the final for a game that could actually do the impossible.

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Chef Curry cooks, but finds no other help

Stephen Curry had a game for the ages in Game 3, scoring a career high of 47 points in 14 shots out of 31. Unfortunately, for Curry, the rest of his team had just 62 more points on a terrible shot 36.7%.

In the end, being without Durant and Thompson made life much more difficult for the Warriors offensively, even with their double MVP feeling it the way it was.

The only other warrior outside of Curry who had a semblance of rhythm outside of Curry was Draymond Green, who finished with 17 points. However, that was not close enough to help Curry carry the load, and as a star, there were rightly a lot of criticism of Green’s contributions to the game and not to step up the way he would have due to the way the Dubs were hit. were.

That said, it’s not like the Warriors are just missing shots. Credit should also go to the Raptors’ defense, which despite the fact that Curry turned them on, never wavered and managed to turn a bad situation into an easy victory thanks to their efforts to keep everyone from staying.

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The game in a GIF

It wasn’t just the Raptors’ defense that saw them make the defending champions look like idiots in their own building in Game 3.

Where the Warriors struggled to find balance and consistency in their attack, the Raptors found it in spades in this contest with six different players with a double-digit score and each player shooting at least 50% ground for an incredible field of 56.1%. – percentage of goals in the match.

The most impressive of these shot figures is the 10 for 20 that the Raptors shot at three points. The Raptors were absolutely burning in match 3 and couldn’t miss any shots in this contest, including scrambling, desperate glances with the expiring timer like the one you see in the clip above.

It was just that kind of night offensively for the Raptors.

Game 3 Boxscore (via NBA.com)


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