12 movie dead you knew (that still broke you)


Sometimes a disappearance on the screen is brutal not because it is
sudden and unexpected, but precisely for the opposite reason. Yes, some dead
are completely inevitable, whether it is because an actor wants to remove an elderly person
character, the character himself has run its course, the story requires a
heroic sacrifice, or in some cases they are based on real characters including
premature deaths are common knowledge.

Nevertheless, this can cause intense dramatic tension
irony as the audience is overwhelmed by a certain foresight that they wish not to have
have, and we can’t go wrong thinking that things will be fine in
the end and everyone will ride cheerfully in the metaphorical sunset. No,
sometimes movies force us to face the brutal reality of death by
introduce us to a character we know well is doomed and make us loved
despite the certainty of their eventual fate.

Of course, there is probably a valuable lesson here about
the impermanence of all things and the strange ineffable feeling of liberation
who comes to know nothing can last forever and we all are but drops in the
endless cascade of relentless passing time but damn they needed
Mufasa for us to learn this?


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