12 most underrated science fiction movies


Okay, nobody likes remakes. We understood!

After all, remember when John Carpenter, Halloween Helmer
tried to escape the filthy world of teen coolers by redoing this beloved
classic 50s sci-fi Anotherworldly thing?

The remake he made in 1982 collapsed at the box
office, proving that viewers never want to see classic science fiction warmed up for a new
generation, and wait, the 80s remake of The Thing is smoothly
loved to be a genius telling the original story. Harder, darker,
and smarter than its fifties inspiration, the film is widely regarded
a masterpiece of science fiction horror and one of the most enduring influences of its kind.

Okay, so this is a good remake. But what about saying,
Cronenberg’s 80s remake of classic 50s science fiction The Fly? Ah yes,
which is also considered to be far superior to the original, and is also undeniable
masterpiece loved by critics and the public, which has proven to be almost as
influential as Carpenter’s film.

Huh. We’re starting to think that some science fiction remakes might
actually not that bad. Okay so there was certainly a chain of lamentable Paul
Verhoeven remakes around 2012 which put us all off the idea of ​​revisiting
classic science fiction. But that’s because the Verhoeven and PG-13 notes go hand in hand as
Tom Hooper and felines.

So to prove a point, we put together a science fiction list
remakes often canceled by critics who are in fact – whisper – rather decent.


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