10 things to remember from the Buffalo Bills 2020 NFL Draft


The 2020 NFL Draft has passed.

The Buffalo Bills have made their choice and have a whole new slew of players joining their team. So of course there are things to consider.

Here are 10 points to remember from the work of the bills during the 2020 project:

In a photo provided by ESPN Images, the draft board is seen before the start of the NFL football draft on Thursday, April 23, 2020, in Bristol, Connecticut (Allen Kee / ESPN Images via AP)

Bring AJ slowly

AJ Epenesa started things off for the Bills in terms of the players chosen. As a second-round pick that had a Day 1 rating from many analysts and outlets, Epenesa could come to Orchard Park and have an almost immediate impact.

But don’t expect it.

Epenesa enters a room for veterans. At the top are Jerry Hughes and Mario Addison. These two guys have juice in the tank, but they are already veterans and well over 30 years old. Epenesa will see the field, but not as much. Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott rotates along his defensive line, with starters seeing approximately 60 to 70 percent of match snaps. Epenesa will get the opposite and in the future will be online for more. No pressure for the recruit to produce right away.


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