the world of public works worries about the pension reform


In certain professions with difficult working conditions, such as the building and public works, we are worried that we will be largely forgotten by the pension reform.

“I have my whole skeleton that’s loose. I have a back belt, painkillers, things like that …” At just 53 years old, Franck is proud of his profession. He participated in the construction of motorways in Île-de-France, first as a laborer and then as a machine operator. But today, he says to himself “screwed up everywhere” because of his working conditions.

While consideration of the amendments to the bill for pension reform continues in the National Assembly, Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister has promised to receive all the union and employer organizations at the beginning of next week. Objective for the executive: to take stock of the consultations initiated since January, on issues of arduousness for example. Because the reform plans to make the French work longer, but for certain physically demanding occupations, such as construction, this is difficult to envisage.

Franck, like many of his colleagues, fear that they will be largely forgotten about the reform: “The pain is permanent, it has become chronic. I started working at a young age and at the time we did a lot of things by hand. We broke roads with a jackhammer, we loaded rubble with a shovel. Subsequently, I drove vibrating compactors for years, this is what people call “road rollers”. I was subjected to vibrations for tens of hours a day. All of that was pretty harsh working conditions. “

He is adamant that he will not be able to work until age 62, the legal retirement age. He is not the only one. AT 60 years, half of the workers of the BTP are not any more in activity, unemployed after a dismissal for incapacity, sickness or invalidity.

The fault with end-of-career adjustments that are still rare, deplores Lyes, site manager: “In our company the only ones who have gone up to 62 years old, it is with a post fitting. When we can, the person no longer really works … She heats the bowl to colleagues, she does the cleaning in the bungalows. But this is a person on a construction site with fifty workers, we cannot make arrangements for everyone. ”

Today we are told of a pivotal age at 64 or more … I do not see anyone doing our job at 64, in confined spaces, in sewers, it is unimaginable.Lyes, site manager

Faced with this observation, the unions are advancing in dispersed order. The CGT calls for early departure from age 55 for construction workers. The CFDT is campaigning for the four factors removed from the account painfulness in 2017 be reintegrated, namely the carrying of heavy loads, painful postures, mechanical vibrations and chemical risks. Or failing that, the arduous trades are recognized in the professional branches.

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