The dollars are clearly the title favorites among NBA fans; Suns fans overreacting?


It’s always good to see that many people agree with me. As I zoomed out Suns filter through which I sometimes have to see the league and spend time watching the Clippers, 76ers, Bucks, Celtics and Rockets most recently, the only team that I feel really good at as a favorite of the championship is Milwaukee.

The team set to win 70 games for the third time in NBA history. The team that presents the reigning (and future) MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, as well as a formidable co-star in Khris Middleton averaging 24.9 points per 36 minutes on an actual shot percentage of 0.624. The team that is deeper than any other in the NBA, with 14 players rotating on its stacked roster.

This is the team that should clearly be the favorite to win the NBA championship.

You mostly agreed. In this week's FanPulse poll, Milwaukee got almost double the vote of any other team. The Clippers and Lakers essentially tied for second place.

Enough pat on the back.

Your cynicism towards the Suns is ridiculous. Either way, as 2018's No. 1 overall pick improves considerably and the best player on the team performs at an All-Star level, Sun fans will find a way to do pouting.

I understand this survey was done before Devin Booker was officially named to the All-Star team, but that is just a small icon that will appear on his basketball reference page. His performance was already worthy of distinction.

That's all before I mention that by beating Warriors this week, the Suns surpassed their 2017-18 total win streak, bringing them to four Booker Career Best Record wins.

For the 50% of you who feel depressed, put on TNT this Sunday, consult Booker in the game of stars, look back at the miserable seasons that you have all experienced in the past four years and put a smile on your face .

It's basketball. Very good basketball too, compared to what is happening here recently. Enjoy it.


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