SKY confirms: Younes has refused France, is he going to Russia? Mystery Vinicius Morais


The journalist and expert in the satellite broadcaster's transfer market discussed the situation regarding the future of Amin Younes.

Luca Marchetti, market transfer expert from Sky Sport, Made some statements Mars Sport Live, in-depth transmission on current topics in the Neapolitan house - and not only - broadcast on the frequencies of Radio mars. These are his reflections on the blue club: " Amin Younes in Russia? It seemed like he could accept this type of adventure, but there are no other updates on this type of courtship. The player has to find something he likes economically or technically. Sampdoria, SPAL and Genoa have appeared. "The market expert then added: " Difficult to say what can happen and where it can go. He has had offers in the past and Napoli has not given details about them, like the footballer himself. Younes refused everyone. Moving to another Italian team for six months could have been a solution. If you refuse teams from France (as you said, you are certainly not going to the United Arab Emirates: it seems difficult. Vinicius Moraes has exploded in Benfica and is it now worth as many millions? It's a mystery. Lazio also took two foreigners from Monaco in exchange for Keita: it seemed like a favor, but now they are both Premier League holders and are highly rated. Sometimes in Italy, we focus on young people and explode elsewhere. "


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