Mont-Blanc victim of its success


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                Each year, more than 20,000 people attempt to climb the 4,809 meters of Mont-Blanc. A success that is not without consequences. For several years, the royal road, the most frequented route, has been the victim of overcrowding and particularly incongruous behavior.

                                    <p>Mont-Blanc, whose glaciers are threatened by climate change, is also the victim of incivility and absurd initiatives, alert local actors Wednesday, February 12, during the trip of Emmanuel Macron in the Alps.

In September a Briton managed to hoist a rower at 4,360 m and then abandon it, inflating an already long list of incongruities, such as this Italian artist who wanted to repaint the peak in red where these Swiss students having improvised a jacuzzi for take a picture in a swimsuit at the top.

Area protected by a prefectural natural protection decree

If the rower’s episode was “a non-event” for the prefect’s mountain adviser, Fran├žois Marsigny, it constitutes one too many sacrileges for the mayor of Saint-Gervais, Jean-Marc Peillex.

The town councilor, by means of messages on social networks and letters to the government, saw his perseverance pay: Mont-Blanc will be an area protected by a prefectural order of natural protection.

Since 2019, a compulsory and nominative reservation system has been set up to avoid overcrowding on the site. A “white brigade”, composed of three civilians, makes checks, but without police power. Only gendarmes can verbalize offenders.

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