Migrant smuggling at the border: 200 euros to enter France


They asked for 200 euros for a clandestine passage in France and woe to offer only one euro less, because they left you on foot. Payment was of course to be anticipated. There are ten i wisteria arrested by the border police of Ventimiglia, in the province of Imperia, in what was called Operation "Sciarun", by the Arab "Caronte", the famous smuggler of Hades. The provisional measures signed by the investigating judge of the court of Imperia are as much.Accused of helping illegal immigration, Tunisians and Algerians (three of whom are already under house arrest) found themselves in trouble, but there were also an Albanian and a Frenchman. The "clients" were all migrants of all nationalities, but especially Africans, drawn to neighborhoods frequented by foreigners, such as in front of Ventimiglia train station or near a few bars. Transfers were made by car, train and bus.

The most disturbing aspect highlighted this morning by Imperia’s attorney, Alberto Lari, is the lack of scruples of these very tax-paying people. But that's not all. The strangers also felt some kind of fear towards them and if it weren't for the wiretapping, it would have been really difficult to get useful investigative material from the interested parties themselves, who have always denied having paid to get to France.

The investigations began about a year ago from an investigative information activity and were carried out, often in synergy with the French authorities, by interception and harassment. Sixteen are the transits noted by the judicial authority, although many others have gone unnoticed. The migrants were all sent to Niceafter short but exhausting journeys, often piled up in vans or even in the trunk of cars.

The director of police border, Martino Santacroce, illustrating the results of the operation, whose blitz took off at dawn today, communicated the results of the results obtained in 2019, with 193 arrests (23 more than in 2018), 62 of which for illegal immigration and 14 executed cross-border. 89 complaints in a state of freedom must also be highlighted (compared to 70 in 2018); while the police officers employed were 13,339. In addition, there are 5,889 patrols, of which 93 are mixed (Italy-France). Also note 287 active readmissions (foreigners in an irregular situation brought back to France, from where they entered Italy), against 201 in 2019.


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