Love Island Fans Discover Clues Luke M Doesn’t Want Shaughna After Admitting His Feelings


Love Island fans have spotted clues that suggest Luke Mabbott doesn't see Shaughna Phillips romantically. In Thursday Love Island, Shaughna sat down Luke M and confessed how she felt about him - despite the fact that he started a romance with Demi Jones.

Viewers took Twitter to share that they were not keen on pairing and also noticed that the Justin Bieber lookalike was not interested in the Essex girl.

"Luke doesn't feel Shaughna, I'll tell you it's free" and "Shaughna and Luke have no game, so the cat was terrible," some wrote.

Luke Mabbott doesn't see Shaughna Phillips romantically

Shaughna wants to start a romance with him

Another added: "Surely Luke M is not going to choose Shaughna when he has only been talking to him for a day. "

A fourth contributed: "I really don't think Luke M will go for Shaughna like that. He didn't have enough time. "

Another added, "I don't like to see Shaughna and Luke speaking ngl" and "Convoy Shaughna tryna Force with Luke M".

Shaughna himself shared his feelings with Luke M at the start of the episode.

Shaughna sat down Luke M and confessed how she felt about him

The South Londoner laughed when she told Luke how she felt and admitted that she was jealous of seeing him chatting with other women in the villa.

"Let me just take it out ... When things weren't going well with Natalia and I thought, 'Yeah, why am I going yay ...?' It was a weird time for me. So Jess said, "Demi is going to have a talk with Luke" and I thought, "Oh ... okay." And then I said to myself, why do I feel like this, weird. I love Demi so it was very embarrassing for me. I look at you two are sitting on the sofa bed, I said to myself "Oh ...". "

Embarrassed Shaughna then worries that she will "bark the wrong tree"

He was shocked

"Should I say it?" She gnashed her teeth.

"Yeah, you have to say it," Luke told him.

Shaughna then said, "I think I love you. "

Luke M was completely floored by his revelation.

* Love Island continues tomorrow at 9 p.m. on ITV2.


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