Latest Coronavirus News: Cruise ship passengers are finally allowed to disembark


UK holidaymakers avoid travel to the Far East due to the coronavirus epidemic, travel agencies said.Trailfinders revealed that it has "seen an impact on bookings to the east", with some people choosing destinations such as Canada or the Caribbean.

Customers who had previously booked trips to mainland China before the Department of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs advised against any trip except essential in the country are offered a full refund.

Bristol's sister companies InsideJapan Tours and InsideAsia Tours, which are used by around 10,000 British vacationers each year for trips to Asia, have suffered from reduced demand due to the virus.

The first two months of the year are usually the busiest time for reservations, with people planning trips to Japan for the cherry season in April and vacations in summer and fall.

James Mundy, director of public relations and partnerships for parent company Inside Travel Group, said about 15 customers canceled their trips because "they don't want to see anything about it", and a similar number reported them.


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