“It’s a good thing”, he will be able to realize “firsthand that the Mer de Glace has lost 120 meters in 30 years”


Georges Unia, of the National Union of Mountain Guides, is waiting for the arrival of the Head of State in the Mont Blanc massif to be concrete.

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The arrival of Emmanuel Macron in the evening of Wednesday, February 12 in the Mont Blanc massif East “a good thing”, responded on Wednesday on Franceinfo, Georges Unia, head of the environment-climate commission at the National Union of Mountain Guides (SNGM). The president of the Republic “will be able to realize, not in an office by reading files, but visually, that the Mer de Glace has lost 120 meters in 30 years, that is to say that we are losing four meters of ice per year”, underlines Georges Unia.

“Mont Blanc is a great symbol. Protecting a symbol is something very important that goes in the right direction and is eagerly awaited by both guides and environmentalistsexplains the guide. This is all the travel interest of the Head of State. “

The situation is terrible. I think that the awareness of the president and the ministers will be very important.Georges Unia, SNGMat franceinfo

The mission of mountain guides, “it is no longer just the one who comes before, continues Georges Unia. We become smugglers, whistleblowers. We become people who try to raise awareness of the beauty of the world and our responsibility in relation to this environment. “

The head of the environment-climate commission at SNGM also points to the management of mountain activities. “There is still equipment that still makes sense at altitude, explains Georges Unia, and there are equipments, below certain altitudes, where the snow is already lacking and will miss again … There, you must not try to go into the wall. You have to be reasonable. You have to be responsible. “

He therefore expects something concrete from the arrival of the Head of State in the Mont Blanc range: “I hope that it will perpetuate the protection of the massif, perhaps widening the constraints linked to the irresponsibility of certain practices.” He is also waiting “positions on pollution in the Arve valley”, one of the most polluted areas in France, “with trucks, factories”.

Georges Unia hope “decisions”. Even if there are no announcements made by Emmanuel Macron during this trip, he believes that “It is a good sign that the president and his ministers are coming to the valley and realize how difficult it is for the people of this valley to live in increasingly difficult conditions”.

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