Inside Aegean’s all-new A320neo


Yesterday we revealed new livery for Aegean Airlines, as seen on one of its all-new A320neo aircraft. Today we want to learn more about what we can expect from these new planes indoors, and how the new livery came about.

Aegean A320neo
What does Aegean's new A320neo contain? Photo: PriestmanGoode

What is inside the neo?

the Aegean A320neo has both business and economy on board. However, there is no flat seat on this European workhorse; instead, premium passengers can expect a little more legroom, a locked center seat and improved on-board dining.

Aegean A320neo Class
Business class seats on the A320neo. Photo: PriestmanGoode

The seat fabrics in business and economics feature a dot pattern, chosen by designers PreistmanGoode to represent the symmetry of Greek architecture and the "duality between the sky and the Aegean Sea".

Economy class Aegean A320neo
The economy headrests echo the new logo. Photo: PriestmanGoode

The headrests have the twin seagull logo on the outside of the plane as a seam detail, while the carpets and decorative sheets also feature abstract patterns inspired by the Greek landscape.


Aegean A320neo Class
The colors and patterns are inspired by Greek landscapes and architecture. Photo: PriestmanGoode

In business class, the rebrand extends to cushions and amenity kits, where the logo inspired by seagulls can be reviewed. The catering services have also been redesigned to better adapt to the identity of the Aegean brand.

Economy class Aegean A320neo
The meals for the economy and business have been redesigned. Photo: PriestmanGoode

And Aegean seems delighted with the result. Marina Valvi, airline marketing director, praised the designers for their work, saying:

“Working with PriestmanGoode has been an incredibly successful partnership. They worked closely with us throughout the process, to understand our needs and create a new brand identity that respects our beloved existing identity and reflects our vision for the future. We are delighted with the end result and we look forward to deploying it on all of our products and services. "

Take a closer look at the cabins and designs in the video below:

What is behind the redesign?

The new livery and brand have been developed by the British agency PriestmanGoode. The London-based design studio has worked with the Greek airline to develop a new look and a complete vision for the carrier in the future. In addition to the new livery and interiors, PreistmanGoode has worked to rearrange everything from airline digital resources to convenience kits and even meal service.

Aegean Airlines A320neo
The name change is applied to all elements of the airline. Photo: Aegean Airlines

Priestman director Goode Luke Hawes commented on the partnership with Aegean, stating:

"AEGEAN has shown great ambition with this project, which was one of our quickest turnovers. Working over about 12 months, we worked together on a complete overhaul of AEGEAN, in conjunction with the airline’s new fleet of A320neo aircraft, and delivered an elegant and contemporary brand that epitomized the airline’s values. "

Regarding the design itself, PriestmanGoode says he wanted to give a nod to the old Aegean logo, which was a gull, hence the wing shapes on the tail of the plane. The agency has modernized this logo and developed an image that reflects not only the emblem of the highly valued gull but also the topography of the Greek landscape.

Aegean A320neo
The design of the twin seagulls can be seen throughout the aircraft. Photo: PriestmanGoode

The agency's Aegean name wordmark "Combines crisp, sharp angles with rounded details that add softness to the shape, reminiscent of classical Greek architecture. " The brand's basic color palette uses Aegean blue, silver blue and white, reminiscent of the silvery blues of the Greek sky and the brighter blue of the Aegean Sea.

Aegean A320neo
Even the ends of the wings have undergone a makeover. Photo: PriestmanGoode

You can see more design inspiration in the PreistmanGoode video below.

What do you think of the new livery and the Aegean brand? Do the cabins look beautiful to you? Let us know in the comments.


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