Ibon Navarro: “Nobody counted on us”


Ibon Navarro, coach of MoraBanc Andorra, analyzed his team’s standing in the Copa del Rey semifinals after eliminating Iberostar Tenerife in the quarterfinals.Match evaluation: "Congratulate the team and the Canary Islands for the game they played. It was a great game, we were a little afraid of how it would affect us with some players with little experience. The team was calm, with mistakes but believing in the idea we had. Many players have added things. Musli and Nacho (Llovet) helped us to change the defensive rhythm of the match. Tenerife is a team that holds the game very much. There is no insurmountable advantage for them. Marcelinho and Salin are players who can take their team to find great advantages. The team was calm. You have to be lucky to win matches like that. We are very happy. Let's see if we rest a little and tomorrow we will play a beautiful semi-final. "

Great success in the semi-finals: “We are all very happy. This is the second time we have played in the semi-finals in two years. Last year was the Eurocup, this year the Copa del Rey. Let's see if we are luckier and we do a little better. I'm happy for the boys because it's been a complicated year. No one counted on us to be among the top eight. The team has changed a lot along the way, changing the way they play, defend ... and now you have to take advantage of it. You never know when you are going to see one. "

Club improvement: “The club has been taking steps towards growth for years. The club has economic limits to develop, but excellent work has been done in recent years and we must continue on this path. "

Good defense against Shermadini: “We defended Shermadini well. The arrival of Nacho Llovet in the third quarter was very important in this regard. In the first part, it cost us a lot because it generated many open shots, then in the second part, we adjusted well. This was important, as was Bandja's final defense against Marcelinho. We talked about it and for us, the work behind it is the key. "

Todorovic: "We did a great job"

Great victory: “We have to congratulate our team because we did a great job throughout the match. I don’t want to forget our partner who’s not with us because of a virus, Jelinek. We miss him. Now is the time to rest and play another game tomorrow. "

Key aspects: "Clevin Hannah's experience was ultimately important. But I feel like the team has done a great job of group work. "

Hobby Support: "The fans should be thanked. I hope they will be with us tomorrow too. "

Vidorreta: “After 59-59, Andorra launched 16 free throws; we three … "

Txus Vidorreta, coach of Iberostar Tenerife, criticized the refereeing after the elimination of his team from Copa del Rey.

Match evaluation: "Congratulate Morabanc on the victory. It was a very close match and could have won either. "

How is your team doing after what has happened in the last 30 seconds?: “The players were very angry in the locker room. "

Your assessment of the last 30 seconds: "Since 59-59, they have thrown 16 free throws and the three of us. Everyone says that the last action is a clearly unsportsmanlike foul. I think he could have been called if he was clear. I didn't want to see it, I turned the page and I'm here by obligation. I have a base who is my team’s game manager and scored 20 points, gave 12 assists and made two free throws. Opponents of the opponent's ball made 18 free throws ... "

Gabriel Lundberg: "The lack at the end of the Konate was very clear"

Party note: "This is a disappointment for us. We haven't done a good job today. We knew that Andorra could play hard enough. It's shit. "

We must turn the page: “We must think after the cut. We have to improve because it was a bad game. "

The least favorite won: “Anything can happen in basketball and in a tournament like this. It's just a game and if you don't play well, you lose. Nothing more. Today we are not playing well and they took advantage of their opportunity, which is why they won the victory. "

Refereeing: "In the locker room I saw the last action and in my opinion I think it is a very clear fault. Konaté is in front of his defender and a few seconds later, the two were on the ground. It's just my opinion, but that's what it is. "


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