Guide All Star 2020: what it is and the rules of the competition


This Friday, February 14, the NBA All Star 2020 begins at the United Center in Chicago. The 69th edition of the Weekend of Stars presents new features in the formats of some of its events, which we show you below.

What is the All Star

The the first edition of the All Star took place in Boston in 1951. Historically, it was a friendly match in which the best players from each Conference met in mid-season. It's only 1980s when contests were added as of the All Star Game and in the 90s, in particular from 1994, when the match between first and second year players began to be played on Friday.

In 2018, the composition of the All Star Game teams was changed and the players of the two conferences were mixed in the two models. However, beyond the specific changes in the formats of one of the events, the All Star has always lasted three days and has kept the same structure since the start of the rookie game against second year students:

  • Friday: rookie match (now known as MTN DEW ICE Rising Stars) and celebrity party (since 2003).
  • Saturday: contest evening (skills, triples and partners).
  • Sunday: All Star Game.

Rising Stars MTN DEW ICE

Since it started playing in 1994, this game has been played in different formats. It will be the fifth year in which the Rising Stars Game consists of a meeting between a group of American players and another from the rest of the world, the first and second years of the league.

Each team is made up of ten players: four guards (bases and escorts), four front courts (eaves, wing pivot and pivot) and two others of free designation. The assistants to the head coaches of the 30 franchises in the league are those who vote to nominate participants for a match consisting of two 20-minute games.

Skills competition

The Skills Challenge is a time trial test in which participants must demonstrate their skills by passing, dribbling and shooting over different seasons. The eight players compete in two-on-two duels until the final.

Triple competition

The MTN DEW 3 points competition is one of the events of All Star 2020 in which there will be a format change compared to previous editions. Now there are 6 cars from which players will have to launch, instead of the usual 5. The score in the five cars distributed around the perimeter is maintained: four of them contain four balls which are worth 1 point and a tricolor, which is worth 2 points, while the player chooses the position for a car in which all the balls will be three colors and They are each worth 2 points.

The novelty is in a new car, located nine meters from the basket, with two balls worth 3 points each. In addition, players will have 10 seconds longer than in other years. In other words, each round will last 70 seconds for a total of 27 locations.

Mat contest

AT&T Slam Dunk rules consist of two rounds. In the first, the qualification phase, the four participants will make two friends - in which they will have three attempts for each - and five judges will be responsible for scoring them from 6 to 10. The two players who get the most points will go to the final, in which the previous process will be repeated and the winner of the contest will be defined.

All Star Game 2020

The All-Star Party is the other All Star Weekend 2020 event that comes with news. In this case, the reason is none other than to honor Kobe Bryant. The teams will compete with a beneficial goal: give economic loot to Chicago NGOs. Each quarter will be worth $ 100,000 and the match winner will get a total of $ 200,000, which will be donated to charities chosen by captains, LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

As for the format of the match, it will be played three quarters of 12 minutes independent. In other words, everyone will start with 0-0 on the scoreboard and have a winner. The points of each of the winners of these first three quarters will be added to a dashboard to which 24 points will be added in honor of Kobe Bryant and this will be the score that each team must reach to win the last quarter, to play unlimited time.


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