France to limit access to the highest mountain in Western Europe in its conservation efforts


Macron made the announcement in the alpine village of Chamonix after visiting a recessed glacier near Mont Blanc.

"What we see with the evolution of the glacier is indisputable proof of the trace of this (global) warming and the (climatic) imbalance, and essentially the change of an entire ecosystem ...", said Macron.

A 2019 historic report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that almost all of the world's glaciers are shrinking.
In addition to the threats posed by climate change, the Mont Blanc region is also facing pressures from the intense traffic of tourists and climbers.

Last year, a local decree during the busy summer climbing season prohibited climbers who did not reserve a room in one of the three hotels to limit overcrowding.
Macron’s visit comes after the city’s mayor of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains urged the president in an open letter to take action against climbers who pollute the mountain with trash, according to CNN BFM affiliate.
"Mr. President, taking care of the forests of the Amazon is very good. Ignoring what is happening on Mont Blanc and letting the lack of respect continue is not tolerable, ”wrote Mayor Jean-Marc Peillex in an open letter to Macron last September, referring to the“ Group of Seven ” pledge millions of dollars to help fight fires in the Amazon rainforest.

Other Alpine cities in France are also feeling the effects of global warming.

As recently as last week, a resort in the center of the Pyrenees had to close visitors indefinitely due to insufficient snow, BFM reported.
French President Emmanuel Macron visits the Mer de Glace Glacier near Chamonix, France in the French Alps.
In his speech, Macron also announced the creation of the French Office for Biodiversity, an agency that protects threatened environments and biodiversity.

"2020 will be a decisive year for biodiversity," said Macron. "This is the year in which we could start to change things if we manage to build the framework for national and international action and initiate these profound transformations. "

The French government is also taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of the country's 2.4 million public servants. Starting in July, the government will give 200 euros to state employees and civil servants who work by bicycle or carpooling.

The government will also transition to official-use electric and hybrid cars and dispose of single-use plastic in all of its offices.


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