France and En Marche, candidate for mayor of Paris, retires after a hot video


Benjamin griveaux, candidate sought by French President Emmanuel Macron for the race for mayor of Paris that he is withdrawing from the campaign after the publication of his intimate video on social networks. “A website and social networks have launched vile attacks on my privacy. My family doesn't deserve it. No one should ever be subjected to such abuses, "said Griveaux, also a spokesperson for the French government.

Decision of the exhibitor of Macron's party, The Republic On The Move, arrives a month after the vote in the French capital. "For more than a year - explained Griveau in his speech at Bfm Paris - my family and I have been the subject of defamatory statements, lies, rumors, anonymous attacks, revelation of private secret conversations and threats of death. This torrent of mud hit me but above all it hurts those I love. As if that were not enough, a new step was taken yesterday. A website and social networks have published vile attacks involving my privacy. "

Macron's loyalist therefore announces his surrender. "I am not ready to expose myself any more, my family and me, now that all the stereotypes are authorized, that goes too far. He thus makes a decision which "costs him" but "gives priority to the family". "The project for Paris that we created and that we fought for will continue better without me," added Benjamin Griveaux. AGI

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