fifteen children die in the fire of an insanitary orphanage


According to justice, the establishment no longer had the authorization to receive children since 2013.

The drama took place on Thursday evening. Fifteen children died in the fire of an orphanage in Kenscoff, near Port-au-Prince (Haiti), announced the judge of the commune, Friday February 14.

Two children died in the orphanage, and thirteen others from suffocation at Fermathe hospital, said the magistrate, Raymonde Jean Antoine. The facility housed approximately 66 children in total.

According to her, the orphanage no longer had legal authorization to operate since 2013. An AFP journalist on site described the two-story building as unhealthy, with only one accessible exit, and bunk beds in a state sometimes deplorable crammed into small rooms.

The cause of the fire, which started around 9 p.m. Thursday, and the age of the victims are unknown at this time.


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