Controversy rages over Trump’s interference in Roger Stone affair – live updates | US news


Hello.Controversy continues to rage over Donald Trump's intervention in the sentencing of his friend and unofficial adviser Roger Stone - whom Democrat Chuck Schumer has called "a crisis of the rule of law in America".

William Barr, the Attorney General of the United States, agreed to testify before a congressional committee yesterday on alleged political interference in the Department of Justice, said Democrats, while warning of "a crisis of the rule of law in America ”.

The entire prosecution team in the case resigned in protest after the Justice Ministry considerably relaxed its recommendations for sentencing in this case. It followed Trump Tweeter from Stone's original sentence recommendation: "This is a horrible and very unfair situation ... I cannot allow this miscarriage of justice! "

The final decision on Stone's fate will rest with US district judge Amy Berman Jackson, who repeatedly spoke out harshly with Stone during his trial for obstructing justice, lying to Congress and falsifying witnesses. Stone's conviction is scheduled for February 20.

David Smith has more here:

And he explains the context of the case and what is at stake here:

Meanwhile, Ed Pilkington spoke to lawyers who say the US justice system is facing a credibility crisis that could undermine the integrity of federal prosecutors, politicize the legal treatment of Trump's friends and enemies, and ultimately threaten the democracy itself:

He notes that Trump also allegedly tried to interfere with the conviction of another ally, former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Today Trump has a meeting with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, while Democratic presidential candidates continue to campaign across the country before the next primary contests. Joe Biden will be in New York, Michael Bloomberg in North Carolina and Texas, Pete Buttigieg in Indiana and Nevada, Elizabeth Warren in Virginia, and Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar in Nevada.

We will cover all of the American Politics news here throughout the day, and here is some reading to get you started:


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