2020, the Kobe Bryant All Star


Chicago, with snowfall and temperatures below 10 below zero, All Star Weekend for the third time in its history and the first since 1988 (the first took place in 1973). The NBA thus repays an old debt with the third largest market in the United States, a city whose team, the Bulls, has one of the most faithful hobbies and one of the most sacred traditions of the league through the work and the grace of Michael Jordan and his six rings The six that the franchise won (the last, in 1998). The gigantic United Center, with the support of the Wintrust Arena where the WNBA franchise, Chicago Sky, will be this weekend the capital of world basketball, the place where the NBA will enjoy good health and muscle. star system. This is so, in an event that has been part of the bones of competition, since 1951.Chicago, the city of the wind, will finally have its third All Star, still behind the six from Los Angeles and the five from New York, the giants of the two coasts. The weekend of the stars returns 32 years after the appointment in which Michael Jordan flew from the staff line of the math competition and Larry Bird raised his index finger to the sky before his last shot came, the winner, in the triple. It's the All Star: tradition, legend, history more alive than ever, the NBA honors itself. This edition, the 69th, should be the record of eight non-American players and that of the eight also under 24 (never seen since 1951, first edition); the premiere of Luka Doncic and Domantas Sabonis, Arvydas’s son, on a date when LeBron James is still the big patron. But it will actually be Kobe Bryant. This has been written since January 26, when the helicopter in which Kobe, his daughter Gigi and seven others were traveling had crashed in Calabasas.

The Kobe, Kobe and All Star All Star: only Bob Petitt has the same MVP as him, four, and only Kareem Abdul-jabbar (19) exceeds his 18 participations. No one has played more consecutively (18) and LeBron will leave him behind as he contests for the sixteenth title on Sunday. Kobe, who won the math competition in 1997 as an 18-year-old rookie, made his debut in a All Star Game in 1998, with Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan. In 2009, he was MVP with Shaquille O’Neal, the image of a Hollywood reconciliation, and he played the last one in 2016, already at the time of LeBron, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Kawhi Leonard. Another NBA

Tribute to Kobe and Gigi

The league will remember the legend of the Lakers throughout the weekend. And in the big game on Sunday, the All Star Game, Team LeBron players will wear the number 2 (the one in Gigi's shirt) and those of Team Antetokounmpo on Kobe 24. And everyone will wear patches with nine stars in memory of the nine killed in the crash. Not only that: the new format of the game includes another nod to number 24 with which Kobe has played the last ten of his career. This year, the teams will try to impose themselves independently in each room. In the first three, the score will be zeroed and there will be an independent winner. In the last one, the markers from the previous three will be added, the team with the most points will be taken and 24 will be added. From there, and without time limit, it will be played until one of the two teams reaches this final figure.. Throughout the fourth-to-fourth and challenge-to-challenge process, the NBA plans to raise approximately $ 1 million for two Chicago charities chosen by the captains, LeBron and Giannis, in the third year with this formula, already without the classic East / West distinction.

These are times of debate, new formats and attempts to revitalize an event for which it appeared that the time spent was better. But these conversations, the changes and what to do and stop doing in the future, stay in the background for this weekend, when the stars meet (as in the 60s, 70s, 80s … As always) to simply celebrate the NBA. Welcome to Chicago, welcome to All Star Weekend 2020


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