After yesterday's demonstration, the Paris prosecutor's office opens two investigations for "willful violence" by members of the police


In both cases, the violence was filmed. One scene shows a woman struck with a baton, the other a probable LBD shot at close range.

In the aftermath of a demonstration against the pension reform project in Paris, the Paris prosecutor's office announced to Franceinfo, Friday, January 10, the opening of investigations for "intentional violence by a person holding public authority" about two incidents the videos of which were posted on social media. They were entrusted to the IGPN.

The first case is that of a protester that a video widely shared on social networks shows being brutally beaten with batons by a police officer while trying to pick up her fallen phone. Next to him, another demonstrator was brutally brought down, then held and pressed against a wall by several members of the police.

Franceinfo was able to reach the young woman visible on this video, who says she intends to file a complaint. "The policeman, said to me 'at least that way you will come back more' …", she says. "I had staples on my head, two or three, and I had bruises on my arm", explains this demonstrator, taken care of by medics then treated in the emergency room.

The second investigation concerns a video in which a police officer seems to shoot at close range on demonstrators with a weapon resembling an LBD, during an altercation. In a statement to AFP, the police prefecture described this video as "fragmented and out of context", that of "violent clashes" in the Saint-Lazare station sector during the event. The prefecture had reported 27 arrests, Thursday evening, and 20 protesters and 16 members of the security forces injured.

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